Will Holman

Will Holman

Chicago, IL, US


20K House 9.0 -- Mac's House

Since 2005, the Rural Studio has been engaged in a long-term research project, the 20K House.  The basic premise is to build a house in Hale County, Alabama, for $20,000 -- approximately $12,500 in materials and $8,500 in presumed labor costs and contractor profit.  Should the model be successful, the hope is to replicate it across the American south as a viable, low-cost alternative to the trailer.

Working in a team of three, we have designed the ninth iteration of the project.  Our basic thesis is to expand the utility of the house by designing a system of incremental additions.  Previous 20Ks have not successfully addressed the issue of housing more than one or two people; we hope our house will be able to accommodate a wide variety of living arrangements.  Construction was completed in June, 2010.

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Status: Built
Location: Faunsdale, AL, US