Carolina Murcia

Carolina Murcia

Los Angeles, CA, US


Which Box

This library performs as a cultural figure in the city of Copenhagen, but also stands as an ambiguous object. The building appears to be in motion, but in reality it is static. From the exterior, the separation of the façade and the multiplicity of layers produce qualities of motion. The edges of this geometry create an ambiguity comparable to that of Idris Kahnʼs photographic effect, but within the three dimensional space of architecture. From a distance the effect flattens causing the building to appear as a two-dimensional atmosphere within the context of the city. The façade which is constructed from multiple layers of semi-permeable skins, is a set of surfaces derived from a familiar set of formal operations presented in the initial diagram models. The calibration of these cubic volumes in combination with the facades acts to create ambiguity not only from the exterior of the building, but also of the interior spaces looking out. There is a multiplication of corners and edges that result in sometimes geometric and sometimes perceptual distortions. As your point of view shifts the effect is one of losing the edge of the building, and the visual referent of the space changes.

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Status: School Project
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Produced under the guidance of Andrew Zago.