Jack Arnold

Jack Arnold

New York, NY, US


Film School

Proposed is a film school which caters to teenagers primarily from challenged backgrounds in the Niewe Weston region of Rotterdam. It offers them the chance to gain education outside of the traditional schooling. The medium of film transcends all boundaries created by different backgrounds, such as race, creed or gender and is accessible to everyone.

The cafe and cinema is placed in a converted tram station, creating a social space for the youth in the local area. The school is housed in a new building at the back of the Tramremise where the spaces are allowed to mingle, but can be separated when necessary. This allows each of the functions to work independently. The school feeds off the central atrium, which contains three main functions: an informal teaching space, student social space and a theatre space.

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Status: School Project
Location: Rotterdam, NL
My Role: Project Leader