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Federico Albonico

Milan, IT

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I have graduated in 2013 from Politecnico of Milan with a Master of Science Degree in Architectural Engineering. Upon graduation, my thesis supervisor has hired me as an intern in his architecture and engineering firm (, where I completed my academic preparation with a practical application of my learnings to a working environment. In the summer of 2014, after achieving the enablement to exercise my profession in Italy, I moved to Central America, to pursue my intent to build a solid international career outside European borders. My first employment abroad has been with the internationally-awarded design firm Sara Battelli & Partners (, Swiss company based in Panama City. During this initial experience, I worked hand in band with the company’s leader, acquiring an owner-like mind-set and getting familiar with the Panamanian architectural practices. I then moved to a bigger architecture firm, Edward McGrath & Associates (, where I had the opportunity to put into practice my preparation on project development and coordination, working on larger scale projects such as multiple residential towers of 20+ stories. At McGrath & Associates, I moved my first steps into the BIM world, actively participating in the company’s transition from AutoCAD to Revit. After almost 2 years within McGrath & Associates, seeking my intention to constantly grow as a professional, I moved again to the prestigious design firm Arango+ (, one of Panama’s most appreciated design studios. At Arango+, I worked as a project architect and BIM technician in the development and coordination department, carrying architectural luxury designs to a more advanced level of detail (LOD400/500). After almost 3 years abroad, due to personal reasons, I decided to head back to my home country, where I worked as a freelance architect and engineer ( for approximately one year on some smaller scale projects. I then decided to leave Italy again, and moved to Miami to attend some post-grade Revit advanced courses at the Autodesk authorized academy Cad Miami (, with the aim of improve my BIM preparation. After completing the above-mentioned courses with success, I started working for New System Ltd (, leading Italian general contractor based since the 90s in the Caribbean island of Antigua and Barbuda, where I am playing the role of technical coordinator and supervisor on luxury-end projects such as $5+ millions private villas, being the link between on-site subcontractors and designers, and developing hand in hand with prestigious design firms from all over the world their architectural designs.

To date, my architectural and engineering background includes ability to:
• Design and develop constructions and infrastructures from an architectural and technological point of view
• Perform topographical and architectural surveys
• Analyze the state of deterioration of a construction, and evaluate the recovery techniques
• Act as a project and construction manager
• Use technological instruments suitable to architectural purposes
All those have been further strengthened in practice not only with the on-site involvement required by my past and current professional roles, but also by spending 3 years supporting part-time in a private luxury residential site in Italy - where I had to collaborate with around 10 stakeholders daily. Given the fact that in the past few years I lived in 4 different countries and worked in multiples working environments, I also built a solid spirit of adaptation and a positive attitude towards diversification.

While my working experiences have been extremely stimulating and fulfilling so far, I am strongly interested in continuing my professional growth in the BIM world, and at the same time put into practice the BIM knowledge I have accumulated so far. I think this is a good time for me to again rise the bar of my professional expectations and outlooks, and look for a new challenge. An opportunity in your company would represent a big step forward in my career.
I am confident I could bring something valuable to your team, such as:
• Well-developed design approach strongly focused on engineering aspects such as building physics and technical architecture.
• Technical preparation in sustainable design and energetic efficiency.
• Ability to design, produce and manage high quality architectural standards, thanks to my familiarity with the most modern building techniques and materials.
• Problem-solving mind sets.
I am also used to work in an international environment, as my long-term abroad experiences in Mexico, USA and the Caribbean can demonstrate. I’m fluent in English and Spanish, both spoken and written, and native Italian.
I am attaching my resume, with further details of my experience and skills, together with a recommendation letter from my previous employers, and the Revit Autodesk certificates I have achieved in Miami

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards

Eng. Arch. Federico Albonico


New System Ltd -, Saint John’s, Antigua and Barbuda, Technical coordinator and supervisor - Architecture/engineering development

Technical coordination and supervision for general contractor in $5+ million private properties and hospitality projects on Jumby Bay island.
• Management of sub-contractors and on-site technical assistance.
• Development of architectural designs hand in hand with the executive architect.
• MEP and Structural design development hand in hand with the executive engineers.
• Periodical meetings with suppliers and interior designers to coordinate progress in the construction.

Aug 2018 - current

Federico Albonico -, Gravedona (CO), Lake Como, Italy, Freelance project architect and engineer

Jun 2017 - Jul 2018

Arango Arquitectos -, Panama City, Panamá, Project architect and BIM technician

GOYANES luxury private villa
PQTV residential building of 19 luxury beach apartments
• Starting from a preliminary architectural design, lead the technical development of the project, according to the Panamanian standards (structure, MEP, architecture), throughout the coordination of technical specifications coming from external engineers and the original design, under the BIM platform.
• Cope with the planned production schedule, dealing both with the firm’s standard of quality and the client’s requirements.
• Be responsible for the whole production process of the plan, as well as for the technical incompatibilities within the different disciplines involved.

Sep 2016 - May 2017

Edward McGrath & Associates, Panama City, Panamá, Technical architect

Ilo Towers residential complex of 640 apartments, 5 towers 23 floors each, social area with pool and football field, parking
Athas Tower residential tower of 324 apartments, 34 floors, social area with pool, parking
Olympia residential urbanization of 400 apartments, 10 condos of 4 floors each, social area with pool and facilities
• Starting from a preliminary design, lead the technical development of the project, according to the Panamanian standards (structure, MEP, architecture), throughout the coordination of information coming from external engineers and the original design.
• Manage the timing of the plan production process, in order to comply with the client’s requirements, as well as with the local construction regulation.
• Periodic reunions with all the professionals involved in each project, both in the design and constructive phase, dedicated to problem-solving and coordination.
Active participation in company’s transition from AutoCAD to Revit.

Oct 2014 - Sep 2016

ARDEA, tutor Prof. Eng. Arturo Montanelli -, Lecco (LC), Lake Como, Internship

• Design and prepare, in team with a chief designer, engineering designs, plans, drawings, specifications, and cost estimates, regarding different projects, such
• Urban scale redevelopments;
• Green areas in civil engineering work sites;
• Buildings for the public and the private sectors;
• Redevelopments of existing buildings;
• Interior design layouts;
• Complete overview of the design process and its management, from the concept scale to the executive of detail.
• Understanding of all the actors involved in the drafting of a project, whether public or private.

Nov 2013 - Jul 2014


Politecnico di Milano, Lecco, IT, BArch, Architectural Engineering

Graduation thesis: “Shipyard Abbate, redevelopment and conversion plan of the urban core of Azzano” (score 9/10).
Supervisor Prof. Eng. Arturo Montanelli.

Sep 2006 - Oct 2013

Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM), Monterrey, MX, BArch, Architectural engineering

Attendance of the seventh academic semester at Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Mexico (Monterrey campus). Classes in Spanish and English.

Aug 2008 - Dec 2008