Hui Li

Hui Li

Boston, MA, US



I am currently a second-year graduate student (M.Arch) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and doing a concentration on Computational Geometry.


On one hand, I’m trying to engage the tangential developables, generalized cones, and generalized cylinders as a priori building block of a (periodic) architectural language. On the other hand, by discretization, design propositions would be made to achieve the fascinations of the smooth and continuous.


During my internship at HHD-FUN, I associated Zhenfei Wang on Huantou Project. We applied geometry and digital modeling pratically to realize complex forms. Smooth transition of Hyperbolic Paraboloid and Hyperboloids was utilized on Huantou Project. The idea of Constructability and Economy was reinforced when I went to a seminar class: Digital Fabrication and Construction: Professional Applications (taught by Dennis Sheldon, Gehry Technology)


With a professional background of architecture design, a deep understanding of geometry and knowledge of grasshopper, kangaroo, ladybug, diva, rhino scripting, processing.  I believe that I’m qualified as an intern.


RTKL Associates Inc., Beijing, CN, intern architect

Jan 2012 - current