Vincent Croce

Vincent Croce

West Chester, PA, US



Throughout my career I have been the administrator/project manager who implements and organizes the exact needs of the group/individual.  From early in my career working with my brother, Pat Croce, developing and managing 15 of his sports orthopaedic clinics, organizing distressed real estate portfolios for GE Capital, running the real estate management and administration for Blue Cross, to my recent position as the administrator for a medical group of doctors, physical therapist and chiropractors in a pain management practice.

In short, I am the facilitator who systematizes and arranges the minutia, manages the individual to adapt to various internal procedures and accomplishes the stated project objective. Please visit my website for more information on my organizational abilities.



VincentCroce,LLC, Cherry Hill, NJ, US, Administrator

Daily operational responsibility of a pain management medical practice staffed with a team of board certified physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists.
Implement policies and procedures for administrative staff and efficient patient care.
Detailed analysis and lean strategic sourcing initiatives for cost containment.
Review financial performance, budget preparation and key practice indicators.
Identified business development opportunities to increase the practice market share.
Negotiated lease and contracted tenant improvement build-out.
Evaluates employee’s performance and provides appropriate guidance and feedback.

Jan 2008 - Sep 2013

SunRx, Mt. Laurel NJ US , Project Manager

Project management and financial oversight of the Company consistent with operational needs, budget allowances and capital forecasting.
Developed and implemented policies, plans and execution strategies for functional operational areas.
Negotiate building lease, bidding process, manage construction phase, procurement and tracking of new equipment, and coordinate relocation.

Apr 2007 - Jan 2008

Bergin Bros./Mercedes Benz USA, West Chester, PA, US, Project Manager

Project Manager for the construction & maintenance of a Mercedes-Benz dealership.
Conducted financial analysis and detailed statistical reporting for two high-end collision shop operations and introduced operational cost-savings measures.
Coordinated collision shop operations with Mercedes-Benz USA’s codes and regulations that resulted in the award of first approved “MB-USA Collision Operations Center.”

Apr 2001 - Jan 2004

GMH Management/GE Capital Corp., West Palm Beach, FL, US, SE Regional Manager

Responsible for the management, leasing, organization, and maintenance of four million square feet of commercial real estate.
Directed multi-million dollar renovations for distressed properties owned by GE Capital.
Negotiated tenant leases, building contracts and building improvements.

Jan 1989 - Jan 2003

Independence Blue Cross, Philadelphia PA US, Director real estate/administration

Provided leadership and direction of over two million square feet of corporate real estate.
Negotiated building leases and union service agreements, strategically managed union relationships with improved collaboration and cooperation.
Directed daily operation, engineering, maintenance and corporate construction projects.
Developed and implemented remote marketing sites for new business.
Organized corporate events and other duties as assigned by the CEO.

Jan 1994 - Apr 2001


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA US, Masters, Management

MS in Management with a core concentration of classes with The Wharton School.

Sep 1996 - Dec 1998

Villanova University, Villanova, PA, US, Bachelors, Business Admin

Business administration major with a minor in Russian Studies.

Sep 1975 - May 1979