John Bleeker

John Bleeker

Miami, FL, US



As far back as I can recall I have always had a strong urge to do something design-related whether it was a new Lego set or building new ideas out of Lincoln Logs. From that point on I knew that architecture was the right field for me. Not only has design intrigued me from a young age I have also been very fortunate to have a father who has his own architectural firm which has greatly enhanced my desire to be an architect. This opportunity has also granted me first-hand experience in the field of architecture as well as helped me to really grasp the ideas and concepts at a younger age than most.

To prepare myself for pursuing a career in architecture I began by taking AutoCAD as an extracurricular class in high school. This gave me a solid base in understanding the key concepts of architecture. Then following the same mentality into college, I chose to major in urban planning with a minor in sustainability. Although my undergraduate program was urban planning, I tried to focus my education by taking classes that were geared around architecture. In addition to my education, I also have been working for my father’s architecture firm, Bleeker Architectural Group for the past four years. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience which has given me the drive and dedication to pursue architecture.  

My experiences in earning my bachelor degree in urban planning have added a crucial layer to my passion for architecture as well as provided me with unique perspective that I feel will benefit my future architecture endeavors. Working with professional planners and architects during some of my group projects have, again, allowed me first hand experience on the subject and in being able to understand the key concepts and ideas that were brought to the table by those professionals. I was then able to apply those skills in my assignments and group projects.  

It has been my dream and desire to use design to serve the public and make the dreams of my clients come true. Architecture will provide me with the opportunity to help clients with designing a building that is economically and environmentally feasible without hindering the quality of design. Attending an architecture program in graduate school will give me the credentials needed to make a difference in the world. I feel that my personal experiences of working for an architecture firm, studying urban planning and sustainability, and having a strong attraction to this profession will help me to succeed in making that difference. With my background I can bring a lot of unique ideas to the table that will not only benefit clients and the public realm of the built environment, but by taking into account the environmental implications of my designs, the earth will benefit as well.


Graduate Assistant, Miami, FL, US, Florida International University Graduate Assistant

Aug 2013 - Dec 2013

Bleeker Architectural Group L.L.C, Haledon, NJ, US, Drafter / Surveyor / Office Assistant

Jun 2007 - Aug 2012


Florida International University, Miami, FL, US, MArch, Master's in Architecture

Currently studying at Florida International University for a master's in architecture. Graduation date May 2015

Aug 2012 - current

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, US, BArch, Bachelor of Science and Planning - Urban Planning

Urban Planning and a Minor in Sustainability (2008-2012)

Aug 2008 - May 2012


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Dean List, Award


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