Zhenglun Wei

Zhenglun Wei

Lawrence, KS, US



Zhenglun (Alan) Wei
1625 Ellis Dr. Apt. 4, Lawrence, Kansas, 66044
T: (785)-317-9275 ∙ Email: ∙ Website:

Programming Languages: C, C++, Matlab, Fortran, Linux scripting
Languages: English, Chinese   
Scientific Libraries:  MPI, PETSc, FEniCS
Commercial CFD Packages:  ANSYS Workbench®, ANSYS FLUENT®, Gambit, ICEM-CFD
Visualization Packages:  TecPlot®, FieldView®, VisIt
Others: NREL packages (i.e. AeroDyn, TurbSim), Microsoft® Visual Studio, Eclispse, wxWidgets, SolidWorks®, Siemens® NX 6.0.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (grade = A)
Propulsion System Design and Integration (grade = A)
Intermediate Heat Transfer (grade = A)
Aerodynamics I (grade = A)
Turbulence (grade = A)
Continuum Mechanics I (grade = A)
Wind Turbine Engineering (grade = A)
University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas                   August 2010 ~ present
             Research Assistant                                          
University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas               Spring of 2011, 2012 and 2013
             Grader of the course ‘Computational Fluid Dynamics’                                          
University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas                        Fall of 2011, 2012 and 2013
             Teaching Assistant of the course ‘Fundamentals of Aerodynamics’                                          
Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas                                                      August 2007 ~ June 2010
             Research Assistant          

1. Researches associated with ANSYS FLUENT® and ANSYS Workbench®
a. Contaminants transport in an indoor environmental chamber; (2010 ~ 2012)
    This project mainly concentrates on the spray effect, mixing procedure and transport of contaminants in a 3D room. The primary commercial packages involved are ANSYS FLUENT®, GAMBIT, ICEM-CFD, SolidWork® and FieldView®. Numerical models include turbulent models and multiphase flow models. The k-e, k-w, Reynolds Stress models and LES are investigated. Eventually, for the sake of achieving good convergence criteria and turbulent quantities, the standard k-e is chosen. In addition to species transport and discrete phase/parcel models, the user define scalar (UDS) is tested to consider the settling speed for the species transport.

b. Particle transport in a fully turbulent room with objects inside; (2012 ~ 2014)
This project mainly focuses on the boundary layer effect on the mixing procedure of the contaminants. Complicated 3D geometries are involved, i.e. a helicopter and humans. Siemens NX® is used to modify those geometries and the meshing module in the ANSYS Workbench® is adopted to handle the sophisticated geometry. Multiple turbulent models are tested and the RNG k-e one is finally selected acting as a low-Reynolds-number k-e model. The species transport model is used and the TecPlot 360® is for visualization.

c. Human thermal system and cooling process. (2008 ~ 2009)
    This project mainly concerns the heat transfer on the human body. A flow over cylinder with heat transfer was simulated with ANSYS FLUENT® in order to compare with results from experiments and an in-house immersed boundary method. The user defined function (UDF) of ANSYS FLUENT® is employed to define the non-uniformly isothermal wall boundary condition. In this project, I am committed to both numerical simulations and experiments.

d. Evolution of aircraft wake vortices. (2012)
This project mainly studies the decay of aircraft wake vortices in the vicinity of either a smooth or a rough ground. The UDF of ANSYS FLUENT® is utilized to initialize the velocity field.

e. Influence of atmosphere turbulence on wind turbine wakes;
    This project mainly investigates the influence of the atmosphere turbulence on the decay of wind turbine wakes. The UDF of ANSYS FLUENT® is employed to implement a helical vortex and few vortex rings in the initialization.

2. A parallel implementation of the immersed-boundary method and its applications on bio-inspired aerodynamics (Ph.D Thesis);
Parallel implementation of IB method with scientific library, PETSc, significantly speeds up the computational rate of the program. Applications involve following items:

a. Species transport  through porous media;
“Computation of flow through a three-dimensional periodic array of porous structures by a parallelized immersed-boundary method.”, Journal of Fluids Engineering (accepted)

b. Theoretical comprehensions of unsteady flow dynamics:
c. Vortex dynamics on downstream of flapping wings;
i. “Study of Mechanisms and Factors That Influence the Formation of Vortical Wake of a Heaving Airfoil”, Physics of Fluids, (2012)
ii. Mechanisms of Wake Deflection Angle Change behind a Heaving Airfoil", Journal of Fluids and Structures, (accepted)

d. Energy Harvesting of passive or active flapping airfoils;
“Energy harvesting of a flapping airfoil in a vortical wake”, AIAA Journal, (in preparation)

Ph.D.  University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas            August 2010 ~ Feb. 2014 (expected)
              Aerospace Engineering                                          
           Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas                                           August 2007 ~ June 2010
              Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering                                          
B.S.    National University of Defense Technology               August 2003~June 2007
  Computer Science and Technology

Graduate student representative, Aerospace Engineering, University of Kansas.       2013 ~ present
President, University of Kansas Badminton Club              2011 ~ 2013
President, Kansas State University Badminton Club          2009 ~ 2010
Web Manager, Kansas State University Badminton Club             2008 ~ 2009

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant
Department of Aerospace in the University of Kansas           2013


The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, US, PhD, Aerospace

Aug 2010 - current

Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, US, Mechanical

I transferred to the University of Kansas on 2010.

Aug 2007 - Jul 2010

National University of Defense Technology, Changsha, Hunan, P.R. China, Bachelors, Computer Science

Aug 2003 - Jun 2007


Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant of the Dept. of Aerospace in the University of Kansas, 1st Place


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