Johannes Grissmann

Johannes Grissmann

Lochau, AT




Marte Marte Architects, Weiler, AT, Project Architect

since 04/2012 Project Architect
07/2009 - 03/2012 Architect

- Managing teams as project architect
- Work in all work stages (preparation, concept design, developed design,
technical design, specialist design and construction) on many projects
(educational, industry, residential)
- Work on various competitions
- Responsible for public relations (communication with international affairs, building up
facebook-page, general online presence)

Jul 2009 - Dec 2013

Canaway Fleming Architects, London, GB, Part1 Architect

- Survey and preparation of drawings and specification
- Survey, preparation of survey drawings and concept design sketches
- General administrative duties

Apr 2008 - Sep 2008

Hermann Kaufmann Architects, Schwarzach, AT, Trainee

- Preparation, concept design and developed design for residential, industry
and a single-family house

Oct 2007 - Mar 2008


ETH Zürich, Zürich, CH, Masters, Architecture

06/2010 Diploma - Master of Science ETH in Architecture
04/2008 Diploma - Bachelor of Science ETH in Architecture

Oct 2004 - Jun 2010

Areas of Specialization