kiana bakhoda

kiana bakhoda

Irvine, CA, US



I am a student at Saddleback and OCC colleges and I am majoring in architecture. I will transfer to a 4-year school next year and have decided to continue my education in either urban designing or landscape architecture. after I graduate from 4-year school I would like to get involved in huge projects and looking for further studies besides working. Also, I am currently working at two places. I work as an IT assistant at High-Fashion Productions since last year and I also work as a sales associate at Office Depot since 5 months ago. I can speak English, Persian, and French I am familiar with some computer programs like Word, Excel, and AutoCAD. I have attended Saddleback architecture club last year and joined OCC architecture club this year. I believe the club activities taught me more than my classes and I have gained some skills in drafting and designing.    


Office Depot, Sales Associate

I am mostly cashier and I communicate with the customers the whole time.

Jun 2013 - current

High-Fashion Productions, IT Assistant

I mostly type the letters and documents and do faxes or emails and I am in contact with the manager most of the time.

Dec 2012 - current


Orange Coast College, Architecture

I am taking the Introduction class at this school and I need to take a design class next semester to fulfill my requirements for transferring to a 4-year school.

Aug 2013 - current

IVC, Architecture

I am doing my general education at this school and taking architecture classes at other schools.

Aug 2011 - current

Saddleback College, Architecture

I take architecture classes like introduction, design, rendering, perspective, AutoCAD, and some general courses at this school.

Aug 2011 - current