Collin Curry

Collin Curry

New York, NY, US




Workshop For Architecture, New York, NY, US, Site Superintendent / Construction Administration

On site site superintendent acting as both general contractor and construction manager.
Roles include: scheduling, coordination, budget, construction.

3000 sqft Fire house - Single family home
21000 sqft Millerton House - Single family home
2000 sqft Templar Studio - Commercial Office
1800 sqft Mureno Apartment - Single family home
1500 sqft Lee / Walters Apartment - Single family home
4000 sqft Craig Mcdean Photography Studio - Commercial Office
1400 sqft Bee Space Office Incubator - Commercial office

Jul 2011 - current


Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, US, BArch, Architecture

Collegiate undergraduate education focused on the relationship between tectonic construction systems ie. details, construction, project management and poetic theory of architecture ie. space, light, experience. from the Latin “architekton”, or master builder. Professional includes professional AIA registration, licensed contractor, and construction manager

100% IDP COMPLETION / 1 of 7- A.I.A.; A.R.E. exam completion

Aug 2002 - May 2008

Areas of Specialization