Jacob Zindroski

Jacob Zindroski

Los Angeles, CA, US

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Experienced fabrication specialist with a demonstrated history of working in architecture and 3D printing industries. Professionally enjoys working in an interdisciplinary environment which opens the capabilities of problem solving for complex task. Skilled in various CAD softwares such as Autodesk Maya, Rhino 3D, and grasshopper scripting. Strong arts and design professional completing a Master of Science (M.Sc.) from University of Stuttgart focused in architectural fabrication technologies.



NexLoop, Stuttgart, DE, Consultant

2017 Grand prize winner for biomimicry acceleration in the Ray C. Anderson Foundation Ray of Hope, Biomimicry Global Design Challenge. Design and development of an innovative water capture system for use in urban food systems. Consulted in the development of prototypes, beginning with initial sketches to a fabrication strategy that can potentially be mass produced. Some of the design challenges involved a system that used purely passive mechanical details to create a unit that could easily be adapted and installed anywhere.

Jan 2017 - Jul 2019

ICD/ITKE, Stuttgart, DE, Research Assistant

Working with multiple PhD candidates in the development of their research projects. The demand for the work varies from custom prototypes used for mechanical applications, to aiding in the design and implementation of the fabrication process.

Sep 2017 - Nov 2018

Stereo.Bot, Los Angeles, CA, US, Designer II

Part-time employed on designing and fabricating architectural installations. The work entails a development of grasshopper scripts, troubleshooting grasshopper scripts, exploring new fabrication methods with robotics, and implementing new fabrication methods into the design process.

Jan 2016 - Dec 2017

SNL Creative, Stuttgart, Studio Lead

Working full-time in the studio to prepare, clean, and paint models for either display or masters for mass production. Experience preparing digital models for 3D printing, as well as maintaining the machines. Post-processing 3D prints for tooling masters or RTV silicon casting. Consulting on 3D printing and laser cutting projects. Design work for laser cutting.

Aug 2015 - Dec 2016

SCI_Arc, Los Angeles, CA, US, Teaching Assistant

Assisted in project development, research, grasshopper algorithm

Sep 2014 - Apr 2015


Universität Stuttgart, Stuttgart, DE, Masters, ITECH

[The MSc Programme Integrative Technologies and Architectural Design Research is a multidisciplinary, research-oriented, experiment-based programme shaped around contemporary aspects of the built environment and practice.

The goal of the ITECH programme is to prepare students from different disciplines for the continuing advancement of technological and computational processes in architecture, as they merge the fields of design, engineering, construction and natural sciences. Coupling an intensive, critical and analytical approach to computational design, simulation and fabrication, the ITECH programme is focused on challenging the design space boundaries of current architectural and engineering practice. It seeks to provoke a re-examination of techniques, practices and theories of design in relation to the fields of engineering, robotics, digital manufacturing, material science and biology.]

Course description. See link.

Sep 2016 - Nov 2018

Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), BArch, Architecture

[SCI-Arc teaches architects to engage, speculate, and innovate, to take the lead in reimagining the limits of architecture.

Our students and faculty critically examine the rich possibilities of the built environment. From design and materials to culture and experience, SCI-Arc asks questions regarding new theoretical constructs and designed realities to constitute possible futures. We contribute an imaginative, rigorous, and forward-thinking approach to help shape the future of the architectural profession.]

Course description. See link.

Sep 2010 - Apr 2015


Winning Entry, Award

Competition had our work exhibited in Miami, Florida for a month long gallery show.


Graduate With Distinctions, Award

For high GPA and work ethic while in school.


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