Domenica Garcia

Domenica Garcia

Toluca de Lerdo, MX



I am an intern architect who graduated in 2010 from one of the best universities in Latin America. I speak English 90% and studied the language in Oxford U.K. I am willing to work with a proactive team and learn from others in order to achieve goals for the company. I have been working as a freelance making some drafts designs and renderings. Also my experience is with fixture design for retail and display, colaborating with the visual merchandising area.I am very good in renderings and modern architecture design, because i colaborate with people at work with interior design, materiasl, vendors and prototypes. I would like to work in the USA so i can challenge my knowledge in a good company with good people.

To obtain the opportunity within a company that allows me to take
part in challenging tasks to prove my design knowledge, analysis and construction
skills. Also to prove my technical skills. Work within a proactive team which I learn


Shasa, Toluca de Lerdo, MX, Jr Architect

Assist the architectural director and the senior architects designing new
shops, roll out projects, designing facades, fixture and clothing displays. I make as
well renders of projects and fixtures, and assist sometimes drafting in Auto CAD.I
am in charge of the fixture bible, designing display, and visual merchandising
items. Contacting different vendors to make fixture prototypes to approve design,
including USA vendors.
At the moment I am in charge also of the design for the L.A. USA corporate offices
for Shasa USA where I designed the layout, lighting and furniture design. I made
drawings for all this including renders and presentation.

Jul 2012 - current

Freelance Architectural/Production Designer, Toluca de Lerdo, MX, Designer architect

Summer 2010
Architectural draft project of a small two story shopping mall with rentable land of 1067 square meters with 23 parking spaces (Toluca Mexico)

Summer 2008
Freelance Projects:
*Draft architectural project design of an outdoor food court by the road (Carretera a Atlacomulco, Edo de Mexico)
*The rennovation of a gas station (Valle de Bravo, Edo de México)
*Draft architectural project design of a hostel or B&B equivalent (Valle de Bravo, Edo de Mexico)
*Draft architectural project design of an industrial park centre with warehouses and truck parking (Toluca Edo de Mexico)
*A beach house draft architectural project design (Veracruz, Mexico)
*Design of layout for a high school with 6 classrooms, chemical laboratory, library etc.

Jun 2008 - current

UBSA, Toluca de Lerdo, MX, Technical assistant

I played an administrative role in a project called Nestlé Biomass for
Nestlé Co. in Toluca, Mexico. This project consisted of a boiler house and 2 dry
bagasse silos for coffee; I was in charge of all technical work on site such as: plans
transmittals and submittals, photograph reports, daily and weekly construction status reports, contractor’s reports, estimates file and payments.

Apr 2011 - Oct 2011

Funacomm, Toluca de Lerdo, MX, Designer

I played an intern role in which I designed a master plan for an ecotourism resort for ski glider, which had, restaurant, cabins, camping area, parking and the runways and landing area. Was mainly landscape design. I made 4 prototypes of cottage design. I also designed another tourism project which consisted of a children’s farm with restaurant, camping area and parking.

Jun 2009 - May 2010


Universidad Iberoamericana, Campus Santa Fe, México Distrito Federal, MX, Bachelors, Architecture degree

At school, we used to work in teams makign a different Project per semester, each Project consisted on selecting a field, make a site analysis, then start the conceptualization, and after, develop the Project. We made all sorts of projects, from a small house, to great pavillions and urban masterplans.

Aug 2005 - May 2010

Areas of Specialization