Isabelo Satori

Isabelo Satori

New York, NY, US

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As an Interior Designer, I bring an unconstrained and inspired approach to everything I do. I enjoy working with small design & architecture firms who produce innovative and considered work for their clients. I source and find sumptuous materials and wicked pieces to create a beautifully curated space. I work with an amazing array of craftsmen and artisans to produce wonderful objects. I feel the best designers are those who are influenced by the world around them, have an innate understanding of their customers' aesthetic and specific design challenge, who find the opportunity to produce work that is both contemporary and inventive, and who strive to have a small footprint yet a big impact. This is the type of designer I aim to be with each and every project I undertake, either on my own or with a firm.


Isabelo Satori, Brooklyn, NY, US, Design Consultant | Interior Designer

o Designed custom furnishings while working closely with fabricators around
the world.
o Coordinating with fabricators on furnishing and design details.
o Designing presentation boards with selections of materials, accessories,
furnishings, lighting & artwork.
o Creating budgets for projects to keep tally of costs and tracking delivery
o Work plans that illustrated scheduled deliveries and installation dates.
o FF&E for commercial / residential buildings.
o Worked thoroughly through all phases of design.
o Staging of public spaces and model units.
o Designing custom furnishings while working closely with Principal & Senior
o Organizing client presentation boards with selections of materials,
accessories, furnishings, lighting & artwork.
o Drafting of furniture floor plans, elevations and custom furniture drawings.
o Creating schedules for tracking and delivery of furnishings and
o Working directly with PPG on design of residences to create a cohesive
design for our clients.
o Sourcing new and amazing furnishings and materials.
o Worked closely with drapery workrooms on details.
o Designed many custom furnishing pieces for clientele.

Jan 2009 - current


The New School, New York, NY, US, BFA, Interior Design

Sep 2002 - May 2005

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