Lazarus Fringle

Lazarus Fringle




I am a third year undergraduate student at Smith College that is, like most, looking for an internship. I'm interested in transitional spaces, palimpsest locations, feminist architecture, and reading Dwell on the toilet. Somehow, someway, I want to make a career out of studying the built environment. I believe that architecture should not be temporary or rushed, it should be considered. The generation of architects before us wanted to build, and, in many ways, we want to unbuild. We are part of a generation shaped and molded by the mortgage crisis. We have seen houses go up, and then go down a year later. Small spaces, large amounts of research.


Now that my speech is done, I can actually tell you about myself. I am majoring in Architecture and minoring in Landscape Studies. I grew up in Philadelphia, but reside in Northampton. I am competent at model-making, rendering, diagramming, analysis, research, marketing, and writing.  My last internship was at Postgreen, a company that makes affordable and green homes in the Kensington neighborhood.


Postgreen, Intern

May 2010 - Aug 2010


Smith College, Bachelors, Architecture Major, Landscape Studies Minor

Sep 2009 - current

Areas of Specialization