Flavio Siciliano

Flavio Siciliano

Roma, IT



Architect Flavio Siciliano
Born in Rome in 1967
1997 Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture at the Rome University "La Sapienza"
1998 he passes the Architect State Exam and in november of the same year he is admitted to the
Rome Architects Association
2003 he obtaines the certificate for "Design and execution coordinator for works in the  temporary
or mobile construction sites "
Since 1997 to 1999 he collaborates in the design and detailed design of some residential and commercial  buildings at his father Arch.Giovanni Siciliano architecture practice.
Since 1999 to 2006 he workes with Nova Urbs Territory Architecture of  Rome in the fields of architectural design for residential, commercial and office buildings.
He is particularly  involved  in the  design  of residential buildings in PLC Ponte di Nona and in the Consorzio Case e Campi in the City of Rome and in preliminary, defined and executive design for the NPP23 Leonardo Mall and Multiplex UGC Cine Cité in the City of Fiumicino.
He is design leader in the NPP23 Underground Station project in the City of Fiumicino.
In collaboration with Nova Urbs draws up defined and executive  projects for  scholastic  buildings
such as a daycare  and a primary school  in the City of Fiumicino. He provides for the defined and executive design  for sports activities  buildings, including  a gym for the Artistic Gymnastics in the Olympic Training Centre C.O.N.I. in Tirrenia, City of Pisa.
He works through participation in  the competition  for a "New school  building for the needs of the Comprehensive Institute in the City of Olevano Romano".
Since 2007  he works like freelance architect with  the main address in the  defined and executive design of residential and multifunctional  buildings; particularly he  deals with the  defined and executive projects  of residential buildings in the NPP23 sector P5 and P8, in the City of Fiumicino; in the Consorzio Case e Campi sector Z4 and Z5,  and in the PLC Ponte di Nona sector Z5 in the City of Rome, the preliminary and defined projects of the "Club-house & SPA” of a golf course in the City of Monterosi (VT); in the defined and executive projects, in restyling and interior design of the "Tiburtino Mall" in the City of Guidonia (RM).
Concerning ​​public works he collaborates with  arch. Giovanni Siciliano to the raising of the municipal bulding and he is project designer for infrastructural works for the City of Ladispoli. For the same infrastructural works he also plays the role of Project Manager,and Design and Execution Security on work site Coordinator.
Since 2010  he is founding  member of Gram34 - Architecture Services, with which he is engaged in architectural design of commercial and multifunctional buildings as the "Mall and entertainment center" in  Pobeditelej  Avenue  in the city of Minsk, Belarus and the "Mall and sport center" in the City of Commessaggio; hotel facilities such as the  "Resort Les Salines" in the Black River District in Mauritius; residential buildings as the  "Residential Complex"  of NPP23 sector P5 in the City of Fiumucino, the variant  project of building  "a" in the  PLC Ponte di Nona sector Z5 and renovation of a residential building in Maes Street in the City of Rome. As part of Gram34 draw up the masterplan  of  the  "Functional district" of Funo di Argelato in the City of Bologna.and of the “Multifunctional district” in the City of Zhodino in Belarus



Sapienza - Università di Roma, Roma, IT, Bachelors, architecture

Sep 1987 - Dec 1997

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