Yixiao Wang

Yixiao Wang

Berkeley, CA, US



I am a master student of architecture from UC Berkeley and I am going to graduate soon. I can legally work in U.S for the next year until July 2014. I am looking for a good opportunity to start my career as a creative designer.

Academically, my extensive course and studio work in CED at UC Berkeley has allowed me to gain the knowledge and skills to be a strong designer in both ordinary and digital architecture designs. What’s more, the research focused master program I attended teaches me how to break boundaries in the design process and how to be a creative designer when dealing with open ended questions. Our dean Tom says that my design idea is ‘crazy’ at my final presentation in UC Berkeley. However, it is exactly this ‘crazy idea’ that makes me win the 'KMD Prize for Design Excellence in Digital Architecture' award, which makes me the only Berkeley architecture graduate winning the award this year. I was also invited to give a presentation of my graduate thesis in KMD office recently to talk about my ‘crazy ideas’.

My previous working experience includes giving software classes in Digital Architecture Laboratories in Hunan University and helping registered architects with CAD drawings. Through these experiences, I become quite good at CAD drawings and digital modeling with relative softwares like modo(a maya like software) rhino and grasshopper. However, softwares are only tools and it is vision and creative ideas that make the design stands out. However, the creative idea and vision are not simply based on imagination. It is something that requires solid work of background investigation and site analyzing. Finding the key question during the process and answering it creatively with open mind is the key point for an amazing design.

I have a strong sense of responsibility to ensure every projects I have been worked on are done accurately, logically and completely. I am glad to work with a group of people but also have ability to take an authoritative role when the situation arises.

I have a valid OPT status right now and I am allowed to legally work for any employers in US until July 2014.

I am quite excited about this working opportunity and what I will learn in the internship process. I am waiting for the opportunities to challenge myself again and again.




Trying different design variations, advanced rhino and grasshopper modeling, assisting picture drawings and renderings, animations.

Nov 2013 - current

asap/ adam sokol architecture practice, Buffalo, intern

Picture drawings, digital and physical model makings and researches

Jul 2013 - Sep 2013


University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, US, MArch, Master of Architecture

It is a study studio focused on design method, software skills, materials and model making. We are doing some very different and creative designs. We use different study methods to create our own space generating strategy. Then we apply these spaces and strategies to architecture design.

Aug 2012 - current

Hunan University, Changshashih, CN, BArch, five-year bachelor degree

I am both an architecture student and science student in this college. I learnt professional architecture designs and also professional mathematics and physics.

Sep 2007 - Jun 2012



I am the only Berkeley master graduate this year winning the prize


2012 Revit Autodesk Design Competition, Honorable Mention


Individual Scholarship in Hunan University, Scholarship

It's a scholarship given to students with high academic records.


First Prize for Excellent Student Innovative Training Project in College of Architecture, 1st Place

It's prize I win in Hunan University. I am the leader of a SIT(student innovative training) project. As our project is recognized by experts from national patent office, my college gives me the first place in this prize.


National Patent of Water Proof Brick, Other

National Patent of Invention in China. Patent Number: CN 102235052 A
National Patent of Utility Model in China. Patent Number: ZL 2010 2 0169904.4


Areas of Specialization