Brandon Carr

Brandon Carr

Lakewood, CO, US



I am a youngling of, currently (January 2013) 19 years old. i have a very strong desire for learning everything i possibly can about Architecture, especially, but not limited to, hand drafting, Architecture History, Architecture Theory, and Architectural styles, as well as a want to understand as much Psychology as possible. as with everyone, I'm sure, i have a deep-seeded love for Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wrights work, as well as Philip Johnson, and way too many more Architects to remember all their names, sadly. I'm always hard working, devoted, and striving to get my name out there so people know my believes and wants with Architecture.


University of Colorado at Denver, Auraria Campus- Downtown, High School, Architecture

Architecure Drafting Theory
History of Architecture

Jan 2013 - current