Seif Talaat

Seif Talaat



During the workshops I've attended in Europe and the Middle-East in urban planning and design, I have gained a background in the practical aspects of  an open work environment. Throughout  my university summer breaks, I have attained training positions in several well known architectural , design and implementation companies where I received first hand experience in organization and teamwork. I have received several awards while a student including the award for top of my graduating class in 2007. My experience as a teaching assistant for three semesters  in Cairo University and British University in Egypt  has provided me with the tools and ability necessary to add value to your team. In addition to the verbal communication skills and positive attitude I have gained through my practical experience, I have improved my ability to use programs to digitally illustrate my work.



Cairo Architectural Center, Design Team Leader

- Managing the construction/design deliverables in accordance with construction requirements and Client’s expectations.
-Co-ordination of all construction/design matters between the key project stakeholders – Client, Design Team, third party specialist designers, Contractor and Master Developer.
-Review and monitor the Design Team’s and contractor construction/design processes, procedures and quality management plans thus ensuring distribution of all construction/design information and documentation to all relevant parties.
- Manage, co-ordinate and control all meetings in relation to the construction / design / shop drawings of specialist contractors packages to ensure the overall design requirements are integrated into the Project.

May 2010 - current

Realtime Designs, 3D Visualizer

• Creating photorealistic renderings from 3D digital models with 3ds Max
• Using 3D modeling and rendering techniques to output diagrammatic images such as exploded axons, circulation diagrams, sectional perspectives, etc.
• Image editing with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
• A good eye for visual composition and incorporating entourage into the renderings
• Producing fly-through animations
• Creating and editing videos
• Project presentation - Proficiency in Adobe Suite
• Powerpoint lecture presentations
• Proficiency in Autocad

Sep 2009 - current

The British University in Egypt, Teacher Assistant - Architectural Department (Part-Time)

- Graduation Project Supervisor

Sep 2009 - Aug 2010

Cairo Architectural Center, Architect

- Work directly under the Principal Architect
- Undertake the design and design development of small scale high end residential projects.
- Produce working drawings for tender and construction.
- Creating building designs and highly detailed drawings both by hand and by using specialist computer-aided design (CAD) applications.
- Determining the materials to be used and specifying the requirements for the project.
- Travelling regularly to building sites, proposed locations and client meetings.
- Producing 3D images and animations and working in video editing software during the entire project process and modifications.

May 2007 - May 2010

Cairo University, Teacher Assistant - Architectural Department

. Urban Planning Lecturer
. Urban Design Lecturer
. Graduation Project Supervisor

Sep 2007 - Aug 2008


Cairo University, Cairo, Masters, Urban Design and Community Development

Implications of Political Events on Space Morphology

“The Evolution of a city morphology is beyond complexity” - Brown (2006)
Throughout the history , the rise of a newly built city has always been debatable associated with civilization . Each civilization has its own features and characteristics, which act as genes shaping the city.
Similar features and characteristics of cities – genes, produce alike looking cities, while different characteristics – genes, produce differentiated morphology of a city. These genes of the city are defined as non-tangible aspects, and are made up from the culture, the religion, politics and economy and all other factors that affect the city morphology. The research focuses on the 'political' aspect.

Sep 2010 - Dec 2012

Cairo University, Cairo, BArch, Architecture

Sep 2002 - May 2007


Development Corridor Competition, Honorable Mention

Dr.Farouk El-Baz w/association with British University in Egypt


Dynamic Elevations Competition, 2nd Place

Next Move Real-Estate Exhibition


Governmental Schools Competition, 1st Place

Educational Buildings Authority


Top of Class, 1st Place

Architectural Deparment


Graduation Project, 1st Place

Architectural Deparment


Areas of Specialization