Jose Belmontes

Jose Belmontes

Riverside, CA, US

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      As a Grad. from Woodbury University with a major in Architecture. I have learned to work in group environments and welcome all types of collaborative opportunities. It is at Woodbury where I learned how to use both design techniques and theoretical concepts to produce novel and flexible architectural solutions.

       Most of my work experience is in the construction fields however a lot of architecture design and permitting are always involved.  For the last 8 years I have Worked in my own construction business and now feel competent in the Construction field. I Began as a construction worker trenching, setting up for gas lines, water lines, and foundations all according to city codes. With time I worked my way up to Foreman, Project Manager/Designer/Drafter and now I am the President of JBC Design & Build co.   

As a College Grad and Business Owner, I strongly believe that I have the motivation and the talent to help any Architecture firm with current and future aspirations.


JBC Design and Build co., Riverside CA, Partner

Sep 2011 - current

Belmontes Construction Comp., Riverside CA, Project Manager/Designer/Drafter

Use design skills to provide architectural solutions for commercial and residential Projects. Determine schedules on available resources such as employees, equipment and budget. Plan how projects will be successfully completed with the necessary resources.

Jan 2009 - Feb 2011

Pacific Reserve Construction, Drafter/Foreman

Learned knowledge of residential construction and remodeling traits, practices, Procedures, techniques, tools and equipment, materials, specifications, quality
Control and safety. Responsible for transforming drawings into construction documents and in charge of field work crew.

Jan 2006 - Oct 2008


Woodbury University, BArch, Architecture

At this University I learned to master five areas of study pertinent to all architecture:
critical thinking - the ability to build abstract relationships and understand the impact of ideas based on research and analysis of multiple cultural and theoretical contexts;
design - the inventive and reflective conception, development, and production of architecture;
building - the technical aspects, systems, and materials and their role in the implementation of design;
representation - the wide range of media used to communicate design ideas including writing, speaking, drawing, and model making;
professionalism - the ability to manage, argue, and act legally, ethically, and critically in society and the environment.

Sep 2007 - May 2011

Orange Coast College, Architecture

In this Community College I learned the basics of architecture. I began with the drafting of hand drawings to basic 2D drawings that lead to some 3D modeling. Courses taken are the following...

Design Studio 1B
AR 243 Materials & Methods
AR 280 Design Studio 2B
AR 281 Design Studio 2A
ARCH 105 Intro to Arch Graph
ARCH 110 Intro to Architect
ARCH 115 Arch Dwg/Des Theo 1
ARCH 205 Arch Dwg/Des Vis 2

2 year Architecture program where I received an associate's degree.

Jan 2004 - Jun 2007


Design Challenge, Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention for Sensitive Integration and
Resolution of Interior and Exterior Educational Spaces


Areas of Specialization