Alejandro Diaz

Alejandro Diaz

Los Angeles, CA, US



I recently graduated from Woodbury University. In the  architecture field at Woodbury University, I explored the fundamentals of designing either in a collaborate environment or alone, learning different ways of management through both process.

In Woodbury I also became proficient with various types of software such as the Adobe Collection, AutoCAD, Rhino, Revit, 3ds Max and Maxwell. As well having the opportunity to travel internationally to Europe, French Polynesian Islands, and Mexico has expanded my outlook on design and has molded me into a more enlightened student in the practice of design.

I also am an aspiring music composer who has created beats for several local artists such as Lit Fuse, King Pen, Wond3r, Mikey Smith, and Newvo.

Music and Architecture has played a key role in my outlook on design as they are both about a process of invention and has critically enhanced my design model as a collaborative process of ideas.


Ralphs Grocery Store, Castaic, CA, US, Sales Manager

Manage employees, making sure the all operations run smoothly as well as customer service, and the handling of large money transactions which include closing up the store. Customer service specialist on client relationships.

May 2006 - current


Woodbury University, Burbank, CA, US, N/A

Aug 2009 - current

California State University, Northridge, Santa Clarita, CA, US, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2007 - Dec 2009

College of the Canyons, Santa Clarita, CA, US, Architecture

Dec 2008 - Jul 2009

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