Andrew Waxtel

Andrew Waxtel

Philadelphia, PA, US



I am a graduate of Temple University’s Architectural Thesis
Bachelors of Architecture Program, and would very much like to be
considered for employment with your firm.  I am confident that I
would make an exemplary addition to your company.  My body of
work has evolved rapidly and I am extremely adept at the tools
of our trade.

I have been fortunate to have employment in the field with several
respectable firms, as well as having considerable experience in school
environments and architectural competitions.  In addition, my time at
Temple University has given me the opportunity to take higher level
graphic design courses that specialize in image based communication,
iconography, and typography.  Along with my experience in analog
methods of design, model making and scratch building, I am skilled in
graphic design, computer modeling and rendering, digital drafting,
public speaking and presentation.

During my third year in the architectural program, I worked as a
digital modeler/renderer with Interface Studio  Architects.  I am
proud to have been a contributor to several projects that received
design awards and reputable publications during that time.
My work with their studio allowed me to design and learn
simultaneously, which gave me invaluable experience that many
other candidates are lacking.

In addition, since graduation I have worked in the construction field,
and been a full-time employee with, Philadelphia based, Civitas Architects.
This in field experience has allowed me to learn means and methods
of construction, as well as granting me with a more complete
understanding of the construction process. My time at Civitas
has given me a eye for construction details, as well as a great deal
of experience with project management. I believe that my experience,
both in and outside of the office, makes me an exemplary candidate
for employment with your firm.

I have attached my resume and portfolio for your review, and I would
love to speak with you regarding how I could make a significant
contribution to your firm.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

                   Andrew Waxtel


Civitas Architects, Philadelphia, PA, US, Junior Architect

Sep 2011 - current

ISA, Philadelphia, PA, US, 3d Designer, Intern

Jan 2008 - Sep 2009


Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, US, BArch, Architecture

Jan 2005 - May 2011