Melinda Abu-Khader

Melinda Abu-Khader

San Diego Country Estates, CA, US



The joy and happiness I find when designing, thinking, writing, or doing other work that targets my creativity is what I like to cherish and nurture. 

Joy finds my heart also in certain places and spaces, California is one of those places that are holy to me, youth and certain architecture I find there, and also certain spots in my home land-Jordan-that I find genius.  Photography is my eye, photographers are my great story tellers, writers are my masters, architects are my alike thinkers, I just understand them and appreciate them.

I currently work in Suran Est in Saudi Arabia, before that I did freelance in Burbank, California, and I had some tutoring and experience as a library staff in Woodbury University.  I enjoyed my education learning, finding and accomplishing myself, meeting other great individuals that inspired me and are still inspiring me.  I am thankful for a rich educational past, and thankful for a social media that I enjoy today, and hoping to fulfill my aspirations better.

Good wishes to you all and happy 2013


Suran Est., Khobar, Designer/ Coordinator

Working at a an interior design office in Saudi Arabia mandates reaching out to a certain class of business developers and contracting offices. Work is fast-paced yet several options are always studied throughout the process. Material board samples are always submitted-prepared and designed by myself. Yearly the physical and digital library is reviewed and updated by me in order to meet certain organizational standards.
Strong concepts have been presented by myself and had brought a great reputation to the establishment, i.e. Khobar Gate Tower design, La Caravella Italian Restaurant, Villa Mai Landscape, Villa Ibtisam Landscape, Villa Ibtisam Exterior Facade, Mena Grand Hotel Ladies Club, and other small projects.
The establishment contains a gallery space, so frequently we study the taste of clients through presenting furniture catalogs or gallery items to get a start at the project at hand. The small details reveal a great concept at times.
A friendly environment is maintained among employers, Suran Est. had become my second home eventually.

Mar 2011 - current

Dar Al-Handasah, Amman, Jordan, Interior Design

Nov 2014 - Dec 2015


Woodbury University, Burbank, CA, US, BArch, Bachelors of Architecture

General educational courses, upper level G.E. courses, architectural required courses, and architecture studios...

The main educational happens at trial and error, among conversations with certain faculty members, and while discussions with trusted students or reviewers. Giving allows for receiving, honesty about topics and ability to generate true concepts to matters is the juice of all design projects. Beauty and attraction of projects comes when letting free from some boundary while sticking to the soul of the project.

Certain faculty will always live in my mind: Victoria Liptak, Ingallil Wahlroos-Writter, Luis Molina, Ramon Ramirez, Dean Norman Millar, Michael Kilgore, and Paulette Singley.

5 years+ at an institute is a great time and a great pleasure of the mind and soul.

Aug 2004 - May 2010

Areas of Specialization