Antonio Cantón

Antonio Cantón

Alicante, ES



My name is Antonio Canton, I get degree in Agronomist Engineer in 2002, and I am specialised in Structural Engineering (in Córdoba, Spain). I worked in a silos, agronomic machinery and livestock company. My job consisted in livestock developing and machinery designing. In this company worked for 9 months.

After that I used to work in a Structural Engineering Studio from 2003 to 2009 (Alicante, Spain). I began to study degree in Architecture in 2005 and I have finished in September of 2012.

I have participated in different architecture competition, in cooperation with some architects, and alone. At the moment I am seeking job in an architecture studio.

I have a big skill in 3d and 2d software, rendering, structural engineering and architectural concepts developing. I am interested in the design of architecture.

Sincerely yours

Antonio Canton


Estructuras Aliben SA, Alicante, ES, Structural Engineer

Structural engineer in Estructuras Aliben SA company for 6 years and 7 months. Reinforced concrete and steel structures analysis and calculation (porticoed structures, beams, columns, concrete beam and pot floor, concrete waffle slab or other type of deck or slab, foundations, concrete walls and slabs....) for residencial, public and industrial buildings.

Mar 2003 - Sep 2009

Silos Córdoba SA, Córdoba, ES, Engineer

Teaching practice in SILOS CÓRDOBA company for 9 month. Designing livestock and industrial installations for storage and processing of grain. Steel structures engineering, machine and storage silos design

Jul 2000 - Apr 2001


Escuela Politécnica de Alicante, Alicante, ES, MArch, Plan 96


Sep 2005 - Sep 2012

Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Córdoba, ES, Masters, Plan 94

Agronomist Engineer (specialised in structures and industry)

Sep 1995 - Nov 2002


Architecture Competition for students, Nomination

Ideas competition for studients to devolop Sustainable Housing promoted by Higher Polytechnical of Architecture of Alicante


Architecture Competition, 2nd Place

Ideas competition to develop the adaptation project of The old Carlos III and Goya Cinemas and Mª Llanos Martineza School to Regional Film Library and Youth Center (in colaboration with architect Elia Gutierrez Mozo)


Areas of Specialization