Eugenio Manna

Eugenio Manna

Alessandria, IT



I have a degree in Building Engineering / Architecture from the University of Pavia. I recently completed a Master in "Architecture and Sustainability" at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, BarcelonaTech (UPC). Thanks to the Master I have acquired the ability to design photovoltaic systems, solar thermal systems, geothermal and domotic systems and how to analyze the energy-costs of buildings and the development of active and passive techniques to improve energy efficiency.

Before graduating, I did an internship for five months in Pinearq (Barcelona), Spain. I then undertook another in the StudioBugatti (Milan), Italy. There I worked under my dean in his own project office. Later I worked in Peiaassociati (Milan) for one year taking responsibility for different phases of a project. The most important experience was the development of the details for the construction site phase.

My understanding of working in an architectural office is that it should be an exciting and stimulating environment where you work with passion and precision.
I am extremely interested in relocating abroad.


Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, ES, PhD, Architecture and Sustainability

The Master provides an academic training based on the principles of sustainable architecture and urbanism, later applied on a practical level. The course includes exercises about computer calculations and installation of photovoltaic-systems, solar-systems, geothermal, building automation, as well as the latest technologies and software solutions to calculate the solar radiations, fluid dynamics for the heating system, lighting engineering and the evaluation of the most energy efficient tools for energy saving.

Sep 2011 - Jul 2012

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