Elizabeth Carre

Elizabeth Carre

Middletown, CT, US



Among the thousands of applicants you'll receive these next few weeks, you will not be able to fine someone as creative, analytical, and eager to please as me. I'm thoughtful about my work, and willing to jumping to a new project when asked. Im a fast learner, and have plenty to prove.  You'll probably hear these affirmations a lot during the application process, but from me, I assure you, i am being earnest. I not just visually creative, but I can be very eloquent when asked to offer my skill as a writer . Something many designers forget they should sharpen and utilize while creating a body of works.  Being a word smith, or even allowing yourself the interest and exploration of other mediums broaden you mind and stimulates you creativity. This is something I learned to do in school. Stony Brook University is not a school well known for its art department, but one should understand that being in the art department of my former school, the only place we could find inspiration was from our other studies. With this strategy we allowed our selves to develop our conceptual muscles, so to speak, and apply it to our visual work. And finally, my ability to adapt to any environment is something I am truly proud of. After a year abroad in Japan with multiple part time jobs to help fund my time in Japan, I found myself comfortably living in a foreign country with out having completed my degrees. If it wasn't for school, I would have spent another year living in japan. But even then my time in Japan has informed my visual seneces and artistic direction. 


Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY, US, Graphic Designer

• Set appointments with Clients
• Catalogued receipts and invoices for incoming and
outgoing transactions
• Maintained inventory of equipment and supplies
• Designed posters and logos for Department events on request
• Instructed tutorials on Adobe Programs
• Catalogued finished Digital project files and poster files
• Printed setup for large and oversized posters

Sep 2011 - May 2012


SUNY Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY, US, Bachelors, Lingustics and Studio Art

I have a dule major in Lingustics, witch is the study of the science of languages. Or rather how verb and noun agreement function in a sentence of a particular language. Or why and how certain sounds are found in one language and not in another. These are very broad desrciptions of the study. My second degree is in studio art with a concentration on photography. In adition, i have three minors, Japanese, Asian studies, and Digital Media.

Sep 2006 - May 2012

Areas of Specialization