Aleksandra Antonova

Aleksandra Antonova

Italy, NY, US



I started to work in firm of graphic design "Pilot Brothers" where I created the original designs for business cards, brochures, flyers. Also did prepress print production. After a year I decided to spread my design skills to design interior design. I joined to a design firm "Kontur" where, together with the director and a group of architects we have built the interiors for private and commercial use.
  For 3 years of a successful career for interior design, I created special interiors. With clients I work from start to completion. Spend supervision of construction of buildings facilities. My first art education allows me to create original artworks, stained glass, mosaics and wall paintings and created them by my self.
I’m responsible, always watching for a high level of my job, looking at the quality. Also very sociable communicative and I like an active style of life. 


KONTUR, Irkutsk Russia , interior designer

• Objectives of the work - creating perfect interiors which fit wishes of customers.
• 1) Introduction, analysis of situation and needs, stylistic and color preferences.
• 2) Preparation of technical specifications for the design of interior:
• - Analysis of information of materials provided by the client.
• - photographic images of situation.
• - Analysis of engineering networks and communications.
• - Zonal division of space.
• - Definition of style and design concept.
• 3) Plan with measurements and explication of the premises with all necessary dimensions.
• 4) Architectural - planning decision:
• - Functional Zoning
• - Planning solution with furniture, plumbing equipment.
• 5) The general stylistic and color solution. The choice of finishing materials for floorings, ceilings, walls, furniture and other interior elements.
• 6) Visualization (three-dimensional graphics facilities of the project, including the bathroom
• 7) The working drawings.
• 8) Author control (monitoring the implementation of design solutions during construction).
• 9) Decoration.

Jan 2010 - current

Textile studio “STD” Irkutsk Russia, Irkutsk Russia , textile designer

Artist-Designer / Designer May 2009 – Feb 2010
• Create a design for curtains and textile decoration for interior, creation of original models, development of textile color palette of interior decoration.
• Create sketches, check out the selection of materials to an object, work with clients, maintaining the order from idea to implementation.

Jan 2009 - Jan 2010

Grafic design studio “Pilot brothers”, Irkutsk Russia, grafic designer

Made a design for business cards, brochures, booklets.
Conferred with client in order to determine preferences in printing product.
Create a preparation of digital file for printing machine
Integrated findings with knowledge of gfafic design.

Jan 2008 - Jan 2009


Florence Design Academy, Florence, Masters, interior design

I studied interior, industrial, furniture, emotional design. I improved my computer skills and creativity.

Jan 2012 - current