Soran Shangapour

Soran Shangapour

Tehran, IR



To whom it may concerned 

My name is Soran Shangapour, I am a well-qualified architect from Iran, having recently completed PHD degree in architecture, from Iran university of science and technology.

Over a period of last ten years, I have had the opportunity of gaining experience on a wide range of architectural projects and teaching different courses in University of Urmia and IUST University.

I am intensively interested in the design of architecture and cities, particularly public buildings and public space, sketching and significantly to teach architecture courses and push the current limits of my abilities and allows me the opportunities to gain the respect of my peers. Also I have a long interest in design teaching and writing on public architecture and cities.

Sincerely yours

Soran Shangapour

-- Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) Tehran, Iran   Email: Mobile Phone: +989126236933  




Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), Tehran/ Architecture, PhD, Architecture

Sep 2004 - Feb 2011


Win Sketch Competition for 5th times, (2001-2003) established by different universities for students of architecture, 1st Place


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