Adrian Hope Pedroso

Adrian Hope Pedroso

Manila, PH



I have worked in both architectural and gaming industries in my 10 years of experience.

Pretty much well versed in Autocad, Photoshop and 3ds Max, though most of my work experience as of late has been with 3ds Max.

I also have dabbled in layouting/graphic design in the past and enjoyed that too since that type of work seems to allow more creative leeway.  

I believe I have found my niche and am pretty much enjoying work as a 3d visualization artist.


U02 Architects Inc., Mandaluyong, PH, Visualization Artist

• Modeling and texturing for 3D visualization projects, utilizing 3D Studio Max and Vray to output photorealistic still images for presentation as well marketing puposes. Projects are comprised mainly of architectural renders, both interior and exterior scenes as well as various miscellaneous furniture and interior design objects for use in the scenes.

• Responsible for reading CAD plans and other pertinent data submitted by the client then interpreting said data into 3D. This entails modeling of the scene and included objects, texturing of objects and lighting of the scene.

• Responsible for minor fix ups of final rendered scene in photoshop and other errors which are better remedied thru photoshop.

Feb 2011 - current

Anino Games Inc., Makati, PH, 3D Artist/Visualization Artist

• Modeling and texturing of 3d game assets in 3D Studio Max for use in various game projects.

• Modeling and texturing of 3d game environments/scenes in 3D Studio Max for use in various game projects.

• Lighting setup of 3d game environment/scene in 3D Studio Max for use in various game projects.

• Modeling, texturing, skinning and rigging of 3d characters as well as some animation in 3D Studio Max for use in various game projects.

• Responsible for minor fix ups of final rendered assets in photoshop and other errors which are better remedied thru photoshop.

Jan 2008 - Jan 2011

Active Group Inc., Makati, PH, Graphic Aritst/Researcher

• Conceptualization and design of various posters/flyers for the Vice-chairman’s projects using software such as Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop.

• Preparation of materials and presentations for the Vice-chairman’s projects with the use of Microsoft PowerPoint.

• Conceptualization, design and production of Malarayat corporate webpage using software such as Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash as well as Adobe Photoshop for editing of images.

• Design and production of Corporate and Product presentations using software such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Macromedia Flash (for the presentation itself) and Adobe Photoshop for editing/making the visuals/graphics. Presentations made to date include:

1. Active Group Corporate AVP
2. Mount Malarayat Golf and Country Club
3. Mount Malarayat Country Estates
4. Mount Malarayat Residential Estates
5. Active Group regular projects AVP

Concurrent Responsibilities and Projects undertaken:

• Layout and preparation of documents and presentations for the “ADB Intramuros Revitalization Study.”

• Conceptualization and design for DVD label, DVD box insert and DVD set box for use with the “Audio-Visual Textbook of Philippine Architecture”, a project undertaken with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA)

• Conceptualization and design of interior layout for the book “Philippine Heritage Architecture” using Published by Anvil Books

• “UAP-CFA Documentation Project,” Comprehensive documentation of Philippine Heritage Structures. In this project my responsibilities were to:
• Sort and File all incoming submissions
• Edit and encode submittals into the database
• Do archival and field work/research which included photography
• Preparation of status reports

• “MAVID A VATAN Project,” A nomination project for the inclusion of the Province of Batanes as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: In this project my responsibilities were to:
• Field work/research on Ivatan architectural archetypes
• Graphics editing and layouting
• Sorting and filing of pertinent documents
• Preparation of reports
• Work closely with the people concerned in each project to make sure their input and needs are reflected in the final output.

Sep 2002 - Jan 2008


University of the Philippines, Diliman, PH, BArch, B.S. Architecture

Jun 1996 - current

Areas of Specialization