Sheik Barry

Sheik Barry

New York, NY, US



I have 5 years of experience coordinating RFP's and PowerPoint Presentations for bankers and brokers on Wall Street.

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Willis North America, New York, NY, US, RFP Coordinator

 Consulted with producers and brokers on producing effective marketing materials
 Coordinated Request for Proposals (RFPs)
 Analyzed RFP and setup RFP templates with questions and answers
 Worked with sales and marketing team from different departments to answer all RFP questions accordingly
 Created and modified diagrams, pictures, tables and charts to be inserted in the RFP
 Reviewed RFP with the marketing team for appropriate contents and format
 Added appendices and combined with other requested documents
 Forward RFP to the print shop with printing, binding and delivery instructions
 Assisted in all aspect of the RFP including printing, binding, burning CD’s and PDF creation
 Created high-impact PowerPoint presentations, fully integrate with MS Word and Excel
 Inserted video, audio content with effects and animation on PowerPoint presentations
 Modified PowerPoint Presentations with master slide for a better workflow and consistency
 Produced complex schematic, financial pie, column and bar charts to illustrate financial and marketing data
 Copied, modified, & reformatted financial data to presentations and reports
 Designed and updated marketing brochures reports and fact sheets for new and existing clients
 Provided technical and desktop assistance to other Willis executives
 Exercised Willis brand on all material produced
 Archived and maintain Willis’ marketing materials

Nov 2006 - Mar 2012


Katherine Gibbs School, New York, NY, US, Business Administration

Oct 2003 - Mar 2004

Areas of Specialization