Rodolfo Salcedo

Rodolfo Salcedo

New York, NY, US




SPG Architects, New York, NY, US, Senior Project Manager

Project Management and Design.
Executive project management. Design architect for High-End residential projects, from feasibility through construction administration. Architectural design review of multiple projects. Coordinated multiple bids, managed budgets and negotiate with vendors

Jan 2013 - current

Comision Federal de Electricidad, Mexico, MX, Area Director

Consulting projects Social and economic impact. Program and process review with the customer. Reviews and Structures supervision
Project Management and Design.
Executive Project Implementation, Management and facilities adaptation, planning areas for outdoors. Engineering coordination, Program review with the customer.

Jun 2012 - Dec 2012

Adippsa, Mexico, MX, Project Manager / coordinator


Prepare projects budgets
Requests quotes from vendors/ contractors, describe scope of work.
Optimize sourcing options & solutions (explore & expand new opportunities of current pool of vendors to achieve more competitive rates)
Update budget sheets (invoices, change orders, contracts)
Strategic Planning
Negotiate with service providers and improve delivery efficiency's (lead tendering process, where applicable)
Propose cost controls - best value for money, introduce cost-saving measures (review existing/on-going processes and identify areas for increased efficiency)


Prepare schedule reflecting projects phases.
Establish and follow milestone dates and events.
Control and ensure that the project is progressing within the target schedule, report any deviations from the target schedule in advance.
Track shipments


Respect and ensure high quality standards
Visit site for inspection
Inspect direct vendor materials
Determine any deviation from quality and take steps to remedy.


Coordinate General Contractors and Direct Vendors
Coordinate Local and Foreing Architects
Build relationships with Landlord and related local government agencies


Prepare project status reports
Hold meetings and distribute meeting minutes
Communicate any deviation from schedule and budget in advance.
Conduct training for projects staff on daily check and repairing
Defining and monitoring store maintenance policy and guidelines


Follow standard filing procedures
File important data as they take place
Retrieve important documents

Feb 2005 - Jan 2012

Cubuc, Campeche, MX, Design Architect/ Project Manager

Project Management and Design.
Executive Project Implementation, Management and facilities adaptation, custom areas planning . Coordination, Monitoring Works and Construction for several projects, located in Campeche and Mexico City
Program review and processing with the customer. Selection of participants. Works Quantification , unit prices analysis, budgeting, inventory control, scheduling, and economic flow control works.
Monitoring compliance with project, Crossing engineering, subcontractor selection. Paperwork for permits and feasibility. Weekly reports of construction progress, cost and quality.

Sep 2008 - Oct 2008

Independent Architectural Services, Design Architect

Execution of planning groundwork (Auto CAD based)
Coordination with internal and external clients, and project consultants including mechanical and electrical engineering, lighting, acoustical, structural and furniture consultant
Filing and documentation of project documents including background sets, as builts, landlord related documents, millwork and storefront shop drawings
Manage assigned projects with daily communications about workload with staff and follow up on productivity and progress
Site survey of building conditions
Preparation of architectural contract drawings for purposes of, bidding, landlord review and building department filing.
Review of background sets, as-builts, and landlord related documents, millwork and storefront shop drawings.
Preparation of administrative documents, including survey reports, meeting minutes, scope of work description, and punch lists.
Build and maintain relationships with vendors, contractors and sub-contractors while ensuring quality of final product for client.
Communicate with vendors and subcontractors to verify field conditions.
Define client requirements and establishes project approach, coordinate all vendors and disciplines
Ensure that all required information for design and planning was obtained
Manage client/firm relationship and all contractor arrangements
Work closely with designers and project architects in establishing the project schedule, technical requirements, time and hourly budgets
Direct and review the work of project team members, provide performance feedback, ensure team member’s skills and project requirements are appropriately matched
Researche and solve problems, monitors project budgets, schedule and scopes of work, negotiate fee changes as necessary
Preparation of proposals and presentations to the client and in contract negotiations
Identify objectives and formulate options, conceptualize total project and establish key work priorities for development of design, schedules, and budgets
Prepare design drawings, working drawings, specifications and cost estimates for projects, initiate and develop design and construction drawing for project
Interpret design concepts by partnering with design team and translate them into workable, buildable construction systems, evaluate alternatives to develop solution while maintaining a high quality of technical and design control
Coordinate/lead the work of architecture and interior design staff who complete design or production work and construction drawings
Maintain records to document phases of client/architect/contractor relationship and activities.
Completion of assigned projects: budget and time adherence, quality of completion
Review all aspects of the projects meet all codes, specifications, quality control.
Responsible for the comprehensive coordination, direction and production effort for large-scale and/or complex projects.

Jan 2001 - Feb 2003


Harrington College of Design, Chicago, IL, US, MArch, Urban Planning

Jan 2000 - Dec 2001

Universidad Anáhuac, México Distrito Federal, MX, BArch, Architecture

Jan 1995 - Jun 1999

Areas of Specialization