Sahana Goswami

Sahana Goswami

Omaha, NE, US



I am a creative, dedicated and design oriented urban planner and architect, with a total of 6 years of design experience (3 years post B.Arch: 2.5 years parallel to graduate studies: 1 year post MUP). I am proficient in a variety of software tools, which complement my design and planning abilities. I am also a critical thinker and am well able to assimilate and organize data during research and writing. I strive towards excellence in all aspects of design and planning, keeping in mind client requirements, environmental concerns and potential social impacts.
My design and planning abilities include master planning, streetscape and urban revisioning, community planning, facilitating public participation events, building form, passive climate control strategies and regional watershed based planning.
Eventually I want to be involved in the development of sustainablity plans for communities, considering issues of walkability, transit, land-use and resource management.



University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, US, Research Technician

Working with Dr. Kirk E. Harris at the Department of Urban Planning at present; assisting in the collection and organization of information, from existing literature sources (journal articles, reports etc.) for prospective research articles.

Oct 2012 - current

Community Design Solutions, Milwaukee, WI, US, Planning Consultant

Participated as a team member in a variety of architectural and urban design projects, including the interior design of office spaces, streetscape revisualization, riverfront development, master planning, urban revisioning etc. Was also part of organizing team for a public participation event.

Select Works:
Streetscape revisualization at City of West Allis, Wisconsin
Riverfront redevelopment of brownfield at City of Wausau, Wisconsin
Web Access: leti cket=hnCTqQeyrc0%3D&tabid=578

Responsibilities undertaken here included:
Zoning study
Research and analysis
Master/ site planning
Conceptual interior design
Community parti cipati on event
Outreach material

May 2010 - Aug 2012

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, US, Project Assistant

Project Assistant to Dr. N. Frank at the Department of Urban Planning, SARUP, UWM Milwaukee, US.
Assisted in the development of six fact sheets on water resources, for use in the south eastern Wisconsin region. Participated in the formulation of text and graphics as well as the format of the documents.

Select Works:
Sustainable Water Supply: Testing a Concept in Southeast Wisconsin (published)
Water, Energy and Greenhouse Gases (To be published)

Responsibilities here included:
Data Collection
Research and analysis
Illustrations, graphics
Text and editing

May 2011 - May 2012

Architectural and Technical Zone, Hyderabad, India, Architect and Project Manager

Assigned as lead designer for multiple projects including office interiors, apartment construction, private residences, landscape designs, pedestrian bridge design and lake shore redevelopment.
Also undertook project management (and related tasks like scheduling, estimation) and coordinated with clients, contractors and suppliers to organize work on site.

Select Works:
Integrated design concept for a 314 sq.m. private residence at Hyderabad, India
Constructi on drawings for 364 sq.m. Pleasure Pool Villa at Hyderabad, India
Website for Pleasure Pool Villa: htt p://

Responsibilities here included:
Construction/site drawings
Construction detailing
Design development
Conceptual layouts
Landscape design
Furniture design
Schematic building forms
Interior design concepts and planning
Project management and scheduling

Sep 2006 - Jun 2009

Creative Architects, Bhubaneswar, India, Architectural Intern

Assisted in the development of construction drawings for various urban projects, including mixed-use, multi -level buildings, private residences and a roof garden.

Responsibilities here included:
Concept drawings
Construction drawings
Landscape design

Feb 2006 - Jun 2006


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Masters, Urban Planning

A contemplation of the built environment has constantly preoccupied me and my interests from an early stage focused on urban design and form, and on the study of the human condition in the exploding urban settings of my home city of Hyderabad. This interest in the urban realm led me to study urban planning at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning (SARUP) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
Here I spent two and a half years journeying into the complex world of urban planning, which reflected in no small measure the upheavals in contemporary urban lifestyles and society. It is while studying here that I discovered my true passion for the incorporation of sustainable practices into urban development patterns, especially when dealing with resource protection and management of limited resources like eco-systems, water and land. I also developed some interest in the field of renewable energy planning, which looks at liberating communities from dependence on fossil fuels.

Works from the classroom

Public planning and policy:
Boehm, D., A. Eisan, S. Goswami, A. Spagnoli, Project Team. Whetting Wisconsin Avenue. 2011, 17pp.
Goswami, S., N. Hill, S. Kunst, Project Team. Food for Thought: M7 and its Food Cluster. 2011, 20pp.

Applied planning workshop, Report:
Basiden, S., S. Goswami, S. Kunst, Project Team. Growing Together: Enhancing Urban Agriculture in the City of Milwaukee. 2012, 55pp.

Jan 2010 - May 2012

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNT), Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, BArch, Architecture

My initial interest in the built environment led me to study architecture at the School of Planning and Architecture, JNTU in India. Here I was set on the path of architectural discovery, looking to find various design solutions to the basic human need of shelter. Even during my early forays into research on architecture, I was drawn to the urban scale and the social and environmental impacts of urban spaces.

My notions on the importance of urban public space culminated in my design thesis:
Goswami, S., Cultural Plaza: Public space in a commercial district. 2006, 50pp.

Dec 2001 - Jul 2006

Areas of Specialization