Jacopo Baldini

Jacopo Baldini

Sydney, AU



I’m a young Designer from Italy, with a good experience in many fields
(project design, technical drawings, hands drawing, 3d modeling and architectural visualization).
My experience, curiosity and desire to improve and refine my technical and artistic skills make me a
quick learner and always ready for something new.
I understand new software quickly and I am a team player and easily adaptable to any kind of work.
I have organizational and management skills and I would like to contribute to the company with my
knowledge and experience acquired in three years of work experience in Italy.
I like to explore a new ways of design, inspired by the past and oriented to the future.



Design studio of Architect Luca Baldini, Latina, IT, Architect, technical draftsman, rendered, 3d modeling and project assistant

Architect, technical draftsman, rendered, 3d modeling and project assistant

Sep 2008 - current


Sapienza - Università di Roma, Roma, IT, BArch, Architecture

Laurea Triennale in “Scienze dell’Architettura e della Città”
University “ La Sapienza” of Rome – faculty of Architecture “ Valle Giulia” –
Equivalent to: Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture
Final mark: 106 / 110
Thesis: “ Project for a Bioclimatic Tower and District in Paris ”
Supervisor Thesis: Prof. Arch. Giuseppe Strappa and Prof. Arch. Jean Marc Schivo

Sep 2008 - Jun 2012

I.T.I.S. G. MARCONI, Latina, IT, High School, Informatic

Diploma di Perito Industriale con Specializzazione in Informatica
“I.T.I.S. G. MARCONI” of Latina -
Equivalent to: High School Certificate of Computer Expert specialized in Informatics
Final Mark: 88 / 100

Sep 2000 - Jun 2005

Areas of Specialization