David Shadi

David Shadi

Jersey City, NJ, US




I have my undergraduate degree in Architecture and an MBA in Finance. I explored the business world and for the past 26 years I owned and operated my huge Home Furnishing business. Lately as my long lease expired and with the slow down in the economy I decided not to renew and instead I am looking for a good position with a good company.

It could also do construction supervision or inspection of various projects, especially Retail projects since I consider myself an expert in retail and I am very familiar with retailers' needs.

I did work for a structural engineerieng firm (Feuer Engineering - Woodmere, NY) during college and two years after I graduated. Our group inspected hundreds of buildings in Manhattan to make sure they did abide by Local Law 10.

Please consider me for a position with your company.


David Shadi

61 Suburbia Ct.,

Jersey City, NJ 07305



Garfield Home Furnishing Center, Jersey City, NJ, US, Owner

I owned and operated my huge 15,000 sq. ft. retail Home Furnishing Center for the past 26 years. I handled all aspects of running the business. Did constant interior and exterior renovations over the years or especially for special events. Offered free interior decorating to our customers and helped them with their furniture selection.

Oct 1983 - Jul 2009

Feuer Engineering, Woodmere, NY, US, High rise structural inspector

Assisted the structural engineer in all aspects of his work. I was part of a group that did daily inspections of high rise building and to investigate for structural failiures. We were one of the first groups that worked on inspecting buildings over 7 story high for structural well being in New York City as the law had just passed. There were daily non stop visits all over the city to cover an endless list of buildings. I was like the spiderman of New York and at times walking on parapet walls! I did constant photography and filming of buildings as well as writing reports on the exterior of the buildings and the parapet walls. We also did interior inspections for condo conversion projects as well many other things such as related filings or measuring and drawings.

Dec 1979 - Oct 1983


New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ, US, Masters, MBA-Finance

I reinforced all my business experiences by getting my Masters of Business Administration in Finance. I learned a lot more about business and all the areas related to increasing business and profits. I learnt all about marketing and the steps that one must follow to waste avertising money and to design a successful marketing plan. Too various cources about time value of money and accounting courses that make me better understand how to manage a company's money and how to make decisions in order to invest for maximum returns. Studied all about capital markets and various types of bonds and the way they work. Learnt about the globalizations trends, strategic alliances and mergers and aquisitions. Did my thesis on the European debt Crisis and its effects on the Eurozone. Overall it was a very refreshing and enlightening experience.

Nov 2009 - Aug 2012

New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), Old Westbury, NY, US, Bachelors, Architecture

Studied all about Architecture. Did various design projects as well as learning about history of Architecture, construction management, rendering, structural courses and other related courses.

Sep 1977 - Jun 1981

Areas of Specialization