H. Stephen Jackson

H. Stephen Jackson

Marble Falls, TX, US



Saw a book on Frank Lloyd Wright when I was 13 and I knew what I wanted to do.  My parents were Interior Designers and I started drafting and rendering for them and an inventor doing patent drawings at the young age of 14 years.  My parents helped financially, but I worked my way through college, obtaining real life experience, not just academic, and graduated with High Honors.  Nature or nurture?  I feel I was born with tremendous aptitude, but I also benefited from some exceptional teachers and employers, and have enjoyed a wide range of opportunities.  I'll assert that I am an exceptional Designer.  I excelled for many years working by hand and still do, but I have realized I need to update my skills to stay relevant.  I've mastered AutoCad in just two years and am studying Revit, Photoshop, and Sketchup presently and intend to master them as well.  Still, I must emphasize that it is my creativity and experience that define me, not the tools I use!  I've been gainfully self-employed for quite some time, with a few short stints with larger firms that laid off everyone, shortly after employing me, so I'll not emphasize them on my resume.  I miss being a significant part of an accomplished team such as the 7 years I spent as Director of Design for the Newport Beach firm HFTA, running their branch office in Las Vegas, and I am willing to relocate at my own expense, if need be, to make that happen.  Please see examples of my work at  Thanks!  


Self-Employed Architect and Conceptual Designer, Las Vegas, NV, US, Owner

Not only have I been called upon for conceptual work, I also have provided full-services and contract administration during construction for a number of complicated commercial, hospitality and residential projects in recent years. I'll be more than happy to describe this work to anyone interested in employing me. I have several vary talented individuals who have been helping me on a contract basis with drafting and computer imaging, so I'm not entirely a "lone wolf".

Jan 2003 - current


The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, US, BArch, Architecture

Graduated with High Honors! I started my college career at Texas Technological University, but transferred after my Sophomore year to UT, finding Austin a much nicer place to live than Lubbock... otherwise Tech was a very good school. I also had a lot more freedom to take studio and art history courses in the Art School at UT, something not encouraged at Tech.

Jan 1972 - Dec 1975


See resume..., 1st Place

Frankly...I devote no time to entering contests. To a limited extent, I question the motivations of Architects who join "mutual admiration societies" and devote resources to winning awards. I have personally witnessed Architects abandoning the best interests of their clients when seeking praise.


NAIOP Southern Nevada Chapter - Redevelopment Project, 1st Place

My conceptual design for the Holsum Lofts Adaptive Re-use project was recognized as the best in 2006.


West Texas Utilities, 1st Place

My family built energy efficient passive and active solar homes in the 70's in West Texas and in 1977 and 1978 our homes were deemed the most efficient in the West Texas Utilities area. I mention this because I was "green" long long before the term was coined.


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