Darryl Byrd

Darryl Byrd

Benicia, CA, US



Well at the moment I am currently working for a school district where I am one of two Technology Specialist that handles everything there is to be handled with technology and the end users. I have been in the computer field since 1988. I started at a school district as a contractor deploying the very first Apple Computers throughout the school sites. From there I worked for a couple other places under contract until I got to Compaq Computer Corporation as an Network Engineer. I was there for almost five years handling various accounts throughout the Bay Area doing very high end work and data center projects including all the Dot Com companies. During the big merge between HP and Compaq I was laid off. I then went back to the same school district where I first started in computers until again there school budget effected me. To make a long story short till this day I Administer, configure, deploy, troubleshoot all new Apple and PC Servers, Client Laptops, Desktops, iPads, iTouch and iPhones. Other products I've deployed lately are the Smart Boards in just about every classroom in the district. I Love what I do but what I hate is not being able to work in the summer where we all know is the most important time do actually do all upgrades, deployments, etc. It has gotten very old now and I must move on ASAP. I'm a father of five beautiful kids that depend on me for everything. So....because I've done just about everything there is far as computers are concern and had positions like System Administrator, Network/Systems Engineer, Web Designer, Technology Specialist, and Computer Technician, I would love to bring my talents and experiences to your company, a company that rewards creative ideas, drive, solid execution and hard work.  Meeting with you to discuss in more detail how my background and qualifications can work for you, would be my pleasure. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


Orinda Union School District, Orinda, CA, US, Technology Support Specialist

Provide first through high level user support and guidance to end-users on technologies as they relate to computers including (peripherals, hardware and software)
· Configure, maintained and installed the entire district’s new PC and Mac servers and client desktops and laptops running various Windows and Mac OS being Lion, and Win 2007 Pro.
· Recently configured and deployed the districts new iPhones, iTouch, iPad1, 2 & and the new. Various types of Smartboards in 80% of the classrooms. Cisco wireless access points throughout the district and its main controller-router as well as the VoIP Controller.
· Provide high-level technical support for the district staff and students.
· Create and deploy computer images and packages throughout the district for software deployment and updates.
· Involved with the district-wide planning and implementation of technology, including site coordination of Orinda Unified School District and their technology goals.
· Train and assist staff in the use of educational technology and equipment.
· Work directly with vendor management with pricing, purchase orders and negotiation.
· Installed, configured and trained staff on how to use their Cisco IP Phones, etc.
· MDF and IDF maintenance and installation of each school site switches and routers.
· Develop reports after closing calls using our tech request online systems ticketing program.

Aug 2005 - current

San Rafael City School District, San Rafael, CA, US, System Administrator/Computer Instructor

· Provide high-level technical support for the teachers, students and admin staff.
· Setup, configure and maintained the entire districts PC and Mac servers and workstations running Windows and Mac operating systems.
· Ran my own Mac Lab at an elementary school including the administration of the server and workstations within the lab.
· Installed all of the MDF and IDFs at each school site with all new CAT5 Cabling and wire management within each rack built.
· Configure the districts switches and routers.
· Remotely deployed software packages, patches and upgrades to all district computers.

Jun 2003 - Aug 2005

Compaq Computer Corporation / Hewlett Packard, San Francisco, CA, US, Network Systems Engineer III

Worked in a highly dynamic, fast changing and fluid work environment contributed to the overall customer strategy and drive appropriate business and IT solutions to reach their goal establishing one source for HP customer data.
· Provided network configuration & troubleshooting of workstations, servers, printers, PC’s & Mac’s for over 500 companies in the Bay Area.
· Installed, configured, migrated, and maintained fiber channel networks, LAN/WAN networks, clusters servers, raid array storage systems, DLT Library, raid controllers.
· Installed software based on terms of customers level for support contracts.
· Acted as lead engineer for special server projects e.g. (rollouts, migrations, moves, installs, etc.)
· Direct lead Engineer for the Dot Com companies, Data Center installs, configurations.
· Completed warranty verification, tagged and shipped all new and used parts to vendors.
· Consistently resolved client system problems to save client additional time and cost.
· Participated as a member of and lead development teams.
· Performed analysis of complex functional and business requirements and the supporting data model and data artifacts.
· Lead data analysis for cross-functional projects needing HP customer data.
· Demonstrated technical leadership, and exerts influence outside of immediate team.
· Developed innovative team solutions to complex problems.
· Mentored and consulted with team members and other organizations, customer and vendors on complex issues.
· Developed innovative solutions to complex business and technology problems.
· Direct onsite/on-call Engineer providing Level 3 support for Macy West Head Quarters, General Hospital, Solomon, Smith and Barney, Charles Schwab, San Francisco City and County, Morrison & Forester LLP, SBC Global, The Gap Inc., United State Postal Service (USPS),

Aug 1998 - May 2003


Company and Computer Training Courses, Compaq Computer Corporation, Colorado Springs, CO, MCSE, DLT, SAN/WAN, Compaq Insight Management, Win 2003 Storage Server as well as Novell CNE

In order for me to support very high end companies I was required to take their online and in classroom training classes and course. The following courses are what I had to accomplish.

MCSE, DLT, SAN/WAN, Compaq Insight Management, Win 2003 Storage Server as well as Novell CNE, etc.

Sep 1998 - current

Contra Costa Community College District, San Pablo, CA, US, Gen Ed./ Medical

I was taking all of my general education classes at that time and majoring in medical (Nursing). I went for a year and never finished because I was already working in the computer field and raising a step son.

Aug 1989 - current

Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, CA, US, Gen. Ed/ Architecture CAD/Drafting studies

I was taking all of my general education classes at that time and majoring in Architecture CAD Designing. I went for a year and never finished because I started working in the computer field.

Aug 1988 - Apr 2003


Network Engineering Award, 1st Place

Compaq Computer's, Customer Service Division Award in the field of Network Engineering held in Las Vegas.