Danelle Aldapa Gillingham

Danelle Aldapa Gillingham

Tampa, FL, US



I am a recent graduate from USF School of Architecture+Community Design. I learned a variety of skills while at this school and have the to further develop the skills acquired throughout my education, while developing new skills in an office environment. I would like to learn and fully understand the skills and tasks necessary to design and construct architectural projects of any size while developing leadership qualities and working with people in groups to make an architectural project come together.

Outside of architecture, I have a passion for photography. I have been a freelance photographer for 5+ years, but have been involved in photography for 10+ years.

My general interests involve outdoor activities, writing, traveling, history, psychology, cultures, fashion design, and fitness. I believe that interests outside of architecture have a direct effect on our perspective as designers. Lessons/ideas learned in other activities can be applied to design as well, and vise versa.


Alfonso Architects, Ybor City, FL, US, Associate

Nov 2012 - current

University of South Florida-Campus Recreation Center, Tampa, FL, US, Fitness Staff Supervisor

Maintenance and cleaning of equipment
Equipment training for patrons and new staff
Enforcement of policies and safety
Assisted with interviewing and training of new staff
Supervisor for a staff of 26 employees

Jan 2006 - May 2012


University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, US, MArch, School of Architecture+Community Design

USF SA+CD program starts by focusing on architectural elements and achitypes in the first year (ex: Corner, Door-Window, Floor-Ceiling). The second and third year of the program start to put these architypes to use by designing a variety of projects at different scales while applying ADA and Building Codes to learn the more technical side of design (ex: Community Boathouse, Natatorium, Museum, Library, Institutional Building, Urban Design, Pier Design). In the last year is a thesis project. Students have to freedom to choose any type of thesis project; it could be theory-based, an individual building, renovation, urban, or historical. I chose a small urban project in Seville, Spain. It combined all the aspects of design which I had learned throughout my 3 previous years in school and included the renovation of a plaza and an underground art gallery. The freedom to choose our thesis projects allows for the students to focus on the specific avenues of architecture they enjoy, while still being able to learn/master other skills.

Aug 2008 - May 2012


USF Graduate Student Leadership Award, Nomination

This is a campus wide award that goes to a USF graduate student who has shown very strong leadership skills, but has applied them to the University. Many students pass through USF and finish their education, but there are students who get involved with the university and give back to USF; this award is recognizing and honoring those students, while awarding the top student who has shown the most effort and involvement.


USF Fitness Staff Award, 1st Place

This award is given every year from the Administration of the USF Campus Recreation Center. It is given to the Fitness Staff Employer who has shown strong work ethic, showed interest and concern for the Recreation Center, gone above and beyond the required responsibilities to make the Recreation Center a better environment for patrons and employers.


2009 Eatonville Charette Finalist, Nomination

In our second semester of SA+CD, we were asked to renovate and redesign the oldest house the African American community of Eatonville. It was a group project charette within the 3 studios. My group was a finalist in choosing the design for the house.


Areas of Specialization