Katherine Clare

Katherine Clare

Newcastle upon Tyne, GB



I am 24, a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art currently studying a Diploma/MA in Architecture @ Edinburgh University/ I enjoy keeping fit and traveling / Besides Architecture, Music and horse riding are my other two great passions /  I compete at a high level of show jumping & hold grade 5 Classical Piano & Grade 2 Jazz Piano / I am extremely passionate about illustration mostly with pen and ink on an array of materials. I teach skiing in Australia & Canada, having completed 3 seasons and taught both children and adults.


I regularly visit Edinburgh, Newcastle and London art galleries, a particular interest being in Dali, Kandinsky and Michael Wolf photography / I allow myself to be fluid in my architectural tastes initially modern giants such as Aldo Van Eyck and Louis Barragan were a main influence, I am currently interested in the contemporary works of  MVRDV, FAT & Japanese architecture /  I have a love for intimate private spaces and dwellings / Peter Zumpthors book ‘atmospheres’ being a strong influence 


Having travelled across Asia and having family in Switzerland, Canada and Western Isles has resulted in a diverse exposure to architecture / I enjoy hands on design; including sculptural concept models and mixture of materials inc. plaster, timber and Iron with Acid (see pic) whilst attending life drawing and glass sculpture classes /

I have experience working in practice for RyderHKS, Plus3 Architecture in Newcastle Upon Tyne and experience in Australia where I experienced competition design, on-site client meetings & completion stage of large scale projects / I consider myself a fun, charismatic and “heavily driven” student / I try my absolute best in everything I do, no matter how mundane the brief / 


+3 Architecture, Newcastle upon Tyne, GB, Architectural Assistant

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Oct 2009 - Dec 2010


University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, GB, Masters, Architecture

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Sep 2007 - May 2012

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