Erik Lindberg

Erik Lindberg

Phoenix, AZ, US



Let's start with the basics: my name is Erik Lindberg. I've been a part of the A/E/C industry since I graduated from high school. I've always wanted to be in a profession where I could help people. As a kid, the dream was to become a doctor. However, as I grew and learned my strengths and weaknesses, I discovered that that particular dream wouldn't be the best use of my talents. Instead, I pursued design, and have discovered that good design, both in research and application, can directly improve people's lives, and as such, there's nothing I like better than completing a successful project that delivers more than the client was expecting.

After graduating last year with my master's in architecture, I pursued several projects. The first was completing a sustainability grant for ASU. After that, I won and completed an architectural sculpture commission in Tempe. Near the end of last year, I joined up with NDF Development doing design and project management, and recently have begun looking for new employment under a registered architect to work on my NCARB requirements.

My ideal job position would be working with a creative and dynamic team on a wide variety of projects (though healthcare is still my favorite field) in a design-driven firm. I'm most interested in learning and gaining experience, and would like to assist or spearhead a multitude of tasks, from the start of a project through to completion.

In my time in the field, I've already worked on all phases of projects, and working in the construction industry earned me a valuable viewpoint that not many young architects have: a pragmatic understanding of budgeting and financing, time management, and client satisfaction, as well as a solid comprehension of construction techniques.

I have worked for architects, developers, and contractors, and have dealt directly with engineers, municipalities, financiers, and clients. This experience allows me to be (almost) entirely self-sufficient. I'm comfortable working alone, in a team, or in a leadership position. I understand the need for speed on most projects, and so am organized and efficient in my work, though I'd like to think of myself as laid-back and calm in my demeanor - as well as a lot of fun to work with.

Finally, my technical skills are top-notch. I have a drive for accuracy and perfection in my drafting, rendering, and modeling work, and can quickly and convincingly create 2d, 3d, and physical objects with the intent of informing the client and the public of our design. I'm proficient in nearly every software associated with our industry, and can easily teach myself (and others) new software and techniques.

In short, I'm an extremely well-rounded, enthusiastic young professional with good experience, looking for an entry-to-mid-level design position in the Phoenix, LA, and San Diego areas. If you're looking for someone of my abilities, or would just like to chat, feel free to contact me.



NDF Development, Tempe, AZ, US, General Laborer, Designer, Draftsman

• Assisted with the construction and upkeep of dozens of residential projects.
• Headed the design and drafting of commercial & residential projects.

Aug 2011 - current

Abell & Associates Architects, Tempe, AZ, US, Draftsman, Project Manager, IT

• Participated in the design and realization of dozens of architectural, landscaping, and urban planning projects.
• Met and coordinated with clients, architects, engineers, and city officials during all project phases.
• Provided drafting services for a full range of construction documents.
• Created and uploaded the Abell & Associates website and provided technical support for the Abell & Associates computer network.

Aug 2003 - Aug 2009

C.F. Mecom Construction, Inc., Kingman, AZ, US, Office Manager, Designer, Draftsman, IT, General Laborer

• Personally worked with clients and architects to program, design, and draft custom buildings - mostly residential.
• Answered phones, typed documents, and kept the Mecom Construction accounts up-to-date.
• Assisted in the construction phase of many Mecom Construction homes - learning concrete, rough framing, finish framing, site work, flooring, and finish work, among other specialties.
• Created and uploaded the Mecom Construction web page.

Feb 2002 - Jul 2003


Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, US, MArch, Architecture

Aug 2008 - May 2011

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, US, Bachelors, Landscape Architecture

Aug 2003 - May 2007

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