Long Dinh

Long Dinh

Los Angeles, CA, US



my name is long, and i am a dreamer.

originally from saigon, vietnam, i obtained my bachelor of architecture at university of arkansas, fay jones school of architecture. this educational experience has provided me with a variety of academic concentrations ranging from basic spatial understanding, historical architecture, tectonic design, computational design, urban planning, social housing, commercial architecture to avant-garde architecture. during this time, i have travelled to places such as canada, england, italy, spain, france, singapore and rwanda, as well as many great states of the u.s. thanks to these exposures, i have learned to be more open-minded about different cultures but at the same time more opinionated about what is universally ideal to the human living condition.

architecture as well as film, music and other art forms has the capacity to manifest the dreams of humanity, which all aim to question what makes us human. religious figures, philosophers and scientists throughout the history have attempted to introduce different theories of why we react so strongly about certain works of art, either by other human beings, nature or divinity. the architectural education has certainly facilitated me to go on my own quest for the answer, to further investigate the meanings of our ancestors’ dreams as well as my own childhood dreams.



University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR, US, BArch, Bachelor of Architecture

Jan 2008 - May 2012


Spring 2012 Dean’s List, Honorable Mention


John G. Williams Distinguished Professor Peter Rich Studio, Other


BRR Architects Award, Scholarship


EFCO Rome Travel Award, Scholarship


Fall 2009 Dean’s List, Honorable Mention


Areas of Specialization