Shanni Hanein

Shanni Hanein

San Diego, CA, US



I am a graduate from the Architecture program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and am currently seeking employment with a design oriented firm. 

Throughout my architecture education I have always admired firms whose work expresses clean modern design with attention to detail as well as leaving a sense of belonging to the community.  During my education at Cal Poly I had the opportunity to learn at the Washington Alexandria Architecture Center where I learned about urban design and gained a greater understanding of the workings of city life and planning.  Through this experience I came to love the integration of the personal experience that can be developed between the building and the surrounding context.

My background at Cal Poly as well as being reliable, detail-oriented and hard working has prepared me as a strong and motivated worker. I also have the ability to work independently or in groups which allows me to get my work done professionally, effectively and efficiently.  During my studies, I have worked as the event coordinator for a competition in which we were highly praised for our efforts to raise awareness for our department and our school. 



Siperstein Household, San Diego, CA, US, Child Caregiver

Created a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment in which the children can thrive and develop. Provided complete daily care for the 9 and 11 year old children in the employer’s home while performing tasks such as safe driving to and from all activities, tutoring and homework help, and making nutritional planned meals.

Feb 2012 - Jun 2012

Sanford Burnham Institute for Medical Research, La Jolla, CA, US, Interior Design Consultant

Created a 1/4” scale interior design for an expansion of an 806 sq. ft. biomedical research computer lab.

Oct 2011 - Nov 2011

Sanford Burnham Institute for Medical Research, La Jolla, CA, US, Lab Assistant

Operated sophisticated programs and high precision aerial densitometer, digitized high-resolution images captured by electron microscopy and created TIFF and MRC files for image processing.

Aug 2006 - Nov 2009


California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo, CA, US, BArch, Architecture

Sep 2006 - Sep 2011

Washington Alexandria Architecture Center, Alexandria, VA, US, Architecture and Urban Studies

The Center operates as an extension of Virginia Tech’s College of Architecture and Urban Studies in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Committed to professional growth and interdisciplinary studies, I fully engaged with faculty and other students in order to focus on urban design and planning. Proposed renewal plans for Gallaudet University to reunite it with the surrounding area and developed a collaborative revitalization plan for Southwest DC to spark a re-growth.

Aug 2009 - May 2010


Dean's List, Award


Areas of Specialization