Fabrizio Bardelli

Fabrizio Bardelli

Siena, IT



Studio di Progettazione Bardelli

Our philosophy      

Studio di Progettazione Bardelli is a well established practice with extensive experience in Italy, and Middle-East.  Since establishing the studio almost twenty years ago, the quality of Fabrizio Bardelli’s work with private and public clients has brought success and public recognition.

The fundamental principle that drives everything that the studio does is that the client’s ideas are central to the design process and that the architect’s job is to bring them to life.

Sensitive use of appropriate materials allows innovative solutions to be designed that sit well in the environment and are sustainable but at the same time provide efficient, flexible, functional spaces that exceed client expectations.

We preserve the integrity and authenticity of historic buildings at the same time we use modern materials so that the structure becomes lighter and stronger.  Influenced by time studying and researching in Scandinavia, in new builds, we incorporate natural light into flowing spaces to ensure pleasant, healthy and creative environments.

Success in competitive tendering has come from our ability to offer value for money high quality solutions from initial design to the planning stages and throughout the build process and in our strong track record of avoiding  timescale and cost overruns. 

Finished developments are a testament to our commitment to partnership, and to constant dialogue that refines our ideas, permits flexibility and provides client reassurance as each project evolves.

We see every commission as an opportunity to learn how best to serve the needs of our diverse client base and to demonstrate that even in times of financial difficulty, high quality buildings can be delivered on time and within budget.


Aalto University, Helsinki, FI, PhD, Architecture

Oct 1994 - current

Sapienza - Università di Roma, Rome, IT, MArch, Technology

Oct 1987 - Jun 1993

Areas of Specialization