Davide Madeddu

Davide Madeddu

Milan, IT



I am a construction Engineer licensed in Italy, graduated from the University of Cagliari, Italy. I have worked as architect and as consultant for digital simulation and parametric modelling in projects and competitions in residential, civic/culture and transport sector. Moreover, I have lead research activity on the application of genetic and generative algorithms (GA, ANN, L-System, CAs) for the optimization of environmental and energy efficiency design in architecture, publishing in articles and conferences in Italy and abroad (Royal College of Art (UK), ACADIA (USA), GenerativeArt (PoliMI, IT)). I have worked also as teaching assistant in graduate level design studios at the Pratt Institute, Graduate Architecture and Urban Design Program in New York (USA), the Department of Architecture of Cagliari (IT) and as instructor for Bentley GenerativeComponents workshops held in Polytecnic of Milan and Turin.


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A blog about digital parametric techniques applied to design and engineer analysis. Experiments, work in progress, and prototipes.

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