Edward Caruana

Edward Caruana

Anaheim, CA, US



Prospective Employer


Date: July 3, 2012

Attn: Human Resources Department.



Please accept this letter as an expressed interest for a Job Captain, Project Manager, Senior Designer or Senior Draftsman position with your firm.  My resume is enclosed for your review and consideration.

I have excellent qualifications and the skills to bring to any position.  Such skills and other expertise are an accumulation of thirty-five years plus as a Project Manager, Consultant, Construction Administrator, Job Captain and Senior Designer/Draftsman.  I offer proven abilities that I believe qualify me to be a significant asset to your organization.

In addition, I have developed projects from conceptual design phase through construction including sketches, design development and construction documents, code research and compliance, detailing, quality assurance and quality control, construction functions, management, permit procedures, variances and training of draftsmen and aspiring architects and designers.

With this in mind I look forward to meet with you for a personal meeting so that my qualifications and other abilities can be discussed into greater detail.

Thanks for taking your time and consideration.


Edward J. Caruana

P.S. I have developed design and technical projects including industrial, airports, educational, health/fitness centers, high rise complexes, theaters, civic centers, institutional, residential, medical, theme parks, military, site planning/improvement, etc.
P.P.S. I am also familiar with AutoCAD 2010, therefore; I am capable of producing drawings electronically by means of computers and manually as well.

OBJECTIVES: ●   Seeking a position in ARCHITECTURE where my extensive experience, qualifications and background will be used effectively and beneficently.

QUALIFICATIONS: ●      Thirty five years plus of strong design, detailing, analyzing, drafting and managing experience in large and small projects – interior and shell architecture – with the various architectural firms both in Canada and the USA.

●        Experienced with AutoCAD

●        Capable of producing drawings electronically and manually.

●     Developed designs and technical expertise utilizing structure and interaction of systems in various projects including site planning and improvement, health/fitness centers, food retail warehousing, food market and fast food and family oriented restaurants, military, gas dispensing stations, industrial, airports, schools, school modernizations, high rise buildings, theatres, civic centers, hospitals, residential, theme parks, stores, corporate offices, showrooms, financial institutions such as banks, multi-stories parking structures, and others – most recently, medical offices Such are shell architecture, interior architecture, space planning, tenant improvement, facility planning and management, and, site improvement.

●     Currently, I am involved with a number of school modernization projects for the Garden Grove Unified School District, CA. Developed, designed, detailed and analyzed projects such as medical offices – Hoag Center of Excellence, Newport Beach,  health fitness centers such as 24 Hour Fitness, schools like Westwood College, shopping centers, namely The Crossings – Corona, CA., The Gateway Village – Chino Hills, CA. and others.   Smart & Final, Rite Aid, Burger King, Del Taco, and Mimi’s Café, Krispy Kreme, Wood Ranch, Lucky Fish and other food related projects namely Route 66, Brown Derby, Sci-Fi, Indiana Jones for the EuroDisney, in Paris, France.  Auto dealerships such as Nissan – Universal City and Oceanside, both in California. Super stores such as Ikea – Covina, CA.
Did the Walt Disney Concert Hall – Los Angeles, CA. and for major airports specifically the John Wayne Airport – Orange County, CA., Terminal 5 and 6 for Delta Airlines, LAX – Los Angeles, CA., Chattanooga Regional Airport, Chattanooga, TN., Sioux Falls Airport – Sioux Falls, SD.

●    Provided conceptual designs and analyses for major projects such as the Guam International Airport – Guam, PI, Palm Springs Airport – Palm Springs, CA., and for some music/video stores projects such as for Blockbuster (Music +) – La Mesa, Santa Monica, Riverside, Los Angeles and National City all in California.

●      Did same for various corporate offices and headquarters and for parking structures specifically for the St. Joseph Hospital Parking Structure – Honolulu, Hawaii, and the Miramar Condensing Program (military) and for UNOCAL (gas dispensing stations) program and more.

●     Produced technical analyses, design development and contract documents for Kaiser Permanente Hospital and the UC San Diego Laboratory Annex, San Diego, CA.


●      Provided services for a number of earthquake and retrofitting projects.●     Performed a range of architectural assignments from design phase to construction phase including conceptual designs, design development packages, complete sets of contract documents, detail designing, design analyses, code research and compliance, construction functions, project management and training of aspiring architects and draftsmen.  Dealing with various agencies and consultants.  Permit pulling and procedures.

●     Recognized for advanced achievement, design and detail oriented.  Goal directed team player.


●       Provide Quality Control and Assurance, Coordination and Plan Review services. 


Y'deen Associates/Architects, Brea, CA, US, Project Manager, Job Captain, Senior Designer/Senior Draftsman

Responsible for the managing, quality assurance/quality control, redesigning layouts per current codes and ADA requirements and permitting (meeting with the DSA - Department of the State Architect) for a seven schools modernization for the Garden grove School district. This includes completion of the Contract Document from Sketch Design and Design Development phases including Site Development..
Coordinated work with the various and respective consultants involved. Site visits and Site observations and much more.

Feb 2010 - Aug 2011

Wood Burghard Swain Architects (WBSA), Irvine, CA, US, Project Coordinator, Design Developer, Senior Draftsman

Design Development and completion of Contract Document for Hoag Hospital Medical Offices - Center of Excellence, including coordinating work with the various and respective consultants involved. Also did extensive exit analyses for the UCI Medical Center in Orange, CA. including Cancer treatment rooms. Site visits and Site Observations.

Aug 2008 - Feb 2009

STDR Architects, Costa Mesa, CA, US, Project Manager, Job Captain, Construction Administrator.

Responsible for managing, coordinating, designing and design development. Also, the production of the DD and CD drawings. Projects were mostly for 24 Hour Fitness, El Torro Restaurants, Luck Fish Restaurant, Westwood College. Responsible some Construction Administration as well. This also included Site planning and development,

Apr 2004 - Jul 2008

Studio IV, Inc., Lake Forest, CA, US, Project Manger, Job Captain, Construction Administrator

Responsible for managing, designing, design development, phasing of construction, coordinating with consultants' work, construction documents. Projects included Super Supers such as Ikea, and auto showrooms and dealership such as Nissan.

Jan 2003 - Feb 2004

Nadel Architects, Costa Mesa, CA, US, Job Captain, Senior Draftsman

Responsible for the production of DD and CD drawings. Work was mainly for large Shopping Centers and include the Site.

Mar 2002 - Nov 2002

Tarlos & Associates, Irvine, CA, US, Project Manager, Senior Designer/Draftsman, Job Captain and Construction Administrator

Responsible in managing, coordinating work and the production of sketches, DD and CD drawings. including Site plans, site visits, meetings, permitting. Projects primarily where super stores such as Rite Aid, Smart & Final, and fast food restaurant such as McDonald's, Burger King, Auto Parts stores

Oct 1998 - Feb 2002

PRIVATE CONTRACTS AND FREELANCE CONSULTANT, Private Consultant, Designer and Technical Services

Responsible is producing designs and working for Colleges modernization and structural analysis and producing the DD Drawings for the remodeling of Caesar Palace, Las Vegas.

Mar 1997 - Oct 1998

Kaufman Meeks, Inc., Newport Beach, CA, US, Senior Architectural Designer, Senior Draftsman

Responsible in the production of designs and DD and CD Drawing for homes in a multi family residential development.

Sep 1996 - Mar 1997

Holmes and Narver, Orange, CA, Senior Architectural Designer, Senior Draftrsman

Responsible in producing design and DD and CD Drawings for projects such as Airport Control Towers, Gas Dispensing Stations

Mar 1996 - Sep 1996

DMJM Architects & Engineers, Orange, CA, US, Job Captain, Project Manager

Responsible in producing Design and Design Development Document through Construction Drawings for the Miramar Consolidation Naval Base.

Jan 1995 - Mar 1996

Wayne Banks and Associates, Irvine, CA, US, Designer, Project Manager, Job Captain, Construction Administrator

Responsible for projects such as Parking Structures, Modernization and Modification of an Office Wing for the Sisters of St. Joseph Regina Residence plus the new Overhead Concession Bridge for the Sister of St. Joseph Hospital. Building for Blockbuster plus some Earthquake Retrofitting and Repair Work.

Jan 1994 - Jan 1995

Various Architects, Senior Designer, Senior Draftsman, Consultant, Construction Administrator

Responsible for providing designs, design development, construction drawings, research meetings, permitting finish and material selection among other things. Project were mainly the Disney Foundation Concert Hall - Los Angeles, Civic Center - Westlake, various restaurants and theme features for the Euro Disney - France, various Earthquake retrofitting and repair work for some Hospitals.

Jan 1991 - Jan 1994

Gensler, Century City, CA, US, Senior Designer/Draftsman, Job Captain, Project Manager, Junior Associate

Responsible in producing design, design development and construction development, researching, etc. Projects primarily were, Airports, Offices Building, Stores, Showrooms, Churches and Synagogues,

Jan 1981 - Jan 1991


Centennial College, Scaborough, Ontario, Canada, BArch, Architectural and Building Structures

Pertaining to the studies of Architecture and their Building/Structural analyses and integrity. It included besides the main required subjects - rendering, modelling and so forth.

Sep 1970 - Jun 1973

Areas of Specialization