tae ki choi

tae ki choi

Skokie, IL, US



He is an energetic architectural designer with well-trained
eyes thanks to the visual training courses and works in
the Space Problem Studio instructed by associate professor
Arthur Takeuchi at Illinois Institute of Technology.
He understands the beauty of the mysterious blend of
natural elements in this world. He is always attempting
to find the beauty in nature. He lives with design, for design,
and by design. His conviction is that a single piece
of design, whether in tangible or intangible form, is powerful
enough to change the world. He is devoted to satisfying
humans and nature through architecture.



Goettsch Partners, Chicago, IL, US, INTERN ARCHITECT

involved in all phases of architectural services on large scale commercial projects including,
but not limited to, high rise office, hotel, apartment, and mixed-use developments.

Mar 2011 - current