Jesse Larkins

Jesse Larkins

Troy, OH, US



My work in art, architectural history, studio coursework, material studies, cross-cultural studies, and sustainable construction has introduced me to the world of design.  I am passionate about design and architecture.  I have always believed in the lasting impressions, influences, and effects that a built environment has on all who encounter it.  The manner in which I approach form and function has the potential to shape the ways in which people experience the world. 

I appreciate the close attention to detail in all aspects of a design, from beginning to end.  When working as a team member with other designers, architects, engineers and contractors, the usability and functionality of a space are critical.  Whether dealing with choices of materials, occupation sizes, justifying geometries or methods, incorporating historical or cultural references into a design, or anticipating methods to enhance utility without putting the environment at risk, I feel I have the creative potential to contribute to the field of design.  As a direct result of my training and experience I am highly determined to advance my career in design. 

Jesse Larkins



Ohio University, Athens, OH, Bachelors, Interior Architecture

Sep 2006 - Jun 2012

Areas of Specialization