Jaime Abondano

Jaime Abondano

Rochester, NY, US



I am an Architect and MS in Facility Management  I have a degree in Architecture, 10 years construction experience and over 5 years supervisory experience in Desing, construction management of various commercial, residential and educational buildings. Throughout my experience as architect/construction manager I have gained considerable knowledge of materials, tools and techniques to design, plan and construct projects satisfactorily.  Seeking to expand my professional horizon and bring my architecture skills to a higher level, I recently graduated from Facilities Management at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY.  This engineering field allows me to enhance understanding of construction processes in relation to the operation of a facility to meet clients’ construction needs.
The MS in Facilities Management degree enhanced my architecture and construction management expertise in that deciding construction processes is a decision based on the two-fold: (1) meet architecture outcomes set on the needs of the occupant of the facility/building, (2) build to ease post-construction maintenance tasks to help clients preserve the facility in proper condition. Furthermore, with the MS, I updated previous knowledge on tools that help scheduling/project management in order to meet construction milestones while insuring tight control of budget. My ability to coordinate different activities and people with various roles before, during and after the construction phases makes me develop a strong interest in construction project management career. In my last two job assignment as Student Auxiliary in RIT Housing and Operations and as Graduate Assistant in the RIT Facilities Management Program, I noticed the need to improve the housing facilities not only to better meet the real needs of a specific target audience but also to reduce the cost of maintenance that sometimes are the results of poor architectural decisions and no considerations to how a building is maintained.
Residing in Rochester NY for the last six years has been a rewarding living experience because I see the potential of this community to grow healthy and strong both economically and socially. I expect to participate of the flourishing of the local, regional and national society through construction of facilities/buildings that sustain our communities, meet clients and occupants’ needs and set examples of good construction with innovative architecture. I am looking forward to this opportunity as Facilities planner/ Coordinator. If you need further information please contact me at (585) 413-6210 or [email protected]. If you would like to see samples of previous work please go to

Jaime Abondano
Architect-MS in Facilities Management




Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, US, Graduate Assistant, Student auxiliary

•Graduate Research Assistant Department of Facilities Management: LEED recertification: developed recertification flow diagram of activities and a tool to standardize recertification requirements that help existing building to regain LEED certification.
-Project management of assigned facilities management projects MS in Facilities Management Rochester Institute of technology, February 2010 to November 2011
-Coordinate on-site installation and functioning of a display to convey daily functioning and resources consumption of an RIT LEED certified building.
-Coordinate Facilities Management graduate group activities.
-Coordinate activities between MS Facilities Management and IFMA (International Facilities Management association)
-Assisted during undergraduate Facilities Management classes

•Assistant Student RIT Housing and Operations: Supervised contractors during annual student housing maintenance; assisted student housing emergency calls; performed routine housing facilities inspection and reported facilities issues for maintenance, Rochester Institute of Technology August 2010 to January 2012

Feb 2010 - Jan 2012


Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester,NY, Masters, Facilities Management

Core courses
0632-700 Principles and Practice in Facility Management
0632-720 Environmental, Health and Safety Management for Facility Management
0681-710 Introduction to Project Management
0632-760 Space Planning in Facility Management
0101-703 Accounting for Decision Makers
0632-800 Operation and Maintenance of Facilities I
0632-810 Operation and Maintenance of Facilities II
0632-830 Real Estate of Facilities
0102-740 Organizational Behavior and Leadership
0632-850 Digital Communication and Analytical Tools in Facility Management

Feb 2010 - Nov 2011

Universidad Piloto de Colombia, Bogota, Colombia, BArch, Architecture

Architecture program

Jan 1991 - Dec 1996