Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

Lancaster, PA, US



I'm an architectural photographer, web designer, graphic designer and videographer.

I've developed screenplays for $M+ projects in Tokyo and Los Angeles. I've build flash apps for a fortune 500 company. I've photographed architecture and creative/business leaders for covers and feature stories for local and national magazines. I'm a magazine designer, web project manager and visual brand strategist for a major NPO in Lancaster City.



Water Street Ministries, Lancaster, PA, US, Graphic & Publication Design Specialist

• Print publication designer, web graphic designer and production manager for direct mail appeals, annual reports, brochures, newsletters, event and promotional materials, books, banners, billboards, stock supplies, campaigns and advertisements.
• Visual branding strategist, assessing the quality of Water Street Ministries’ visual identity, providing and implementing solutions to strengthen and unify the visual brand language across its five divisions.
• Designer and photographer for a 16-20 page, quarterly magazine with a circulation of 38,000.
• Videographer and editor, annually producing 3-5 promotional videos for events and campaigns.
• Web designer for the Lydia Center website, a division of Water Street Ministries.
• Web project manager, redesigning Water Street Ministries’ site and overseeing its integration with Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge database and Netcommunity CMS.

Feb 2011 - current

Self Employed, Philadelphia, PA, US, Photographer

• Photographed editorial and executive portraits for President of Drexel University John Fry, Grammy Award-winning pianist Peter Nero, Philly Soft Pretzel Company owner Dan Dizio, Philly Car Share founders Tanya Seaman and Clayton Lane, and other business leaders.
• Organized the closure of a single lane on a major toll bridge during a traffic hour due to fulfill assignment with minimal assistance from Philadelphia Magazine.

Oct 2007 - current

2140 Interactive, Inc., Philadelphia, PA, US, Web Developer, Flash Designer

• Designed Flash and web products for Pitney Bowes (Fortune 500 company).
• Developed numerous company websites and designed marketing materials tailored towards individual clients’ business needs, such as mailers, flyers, logos or business cards.

Sep 2003 - Aug 2011

IX Film Group, Inc., Tokyo, JP, Consulting Editor, Creative Development Assistant

• Served as a translator/liaison between Japanese and US business partners and investors.
• Developed screenplays and other creative materials, generating financial support from investors and producers in both US and Japan markets for projects ranging from $10 Million to $20 Million.
• Created and revised deal memos, translations and employment contracts for producers and business partners.
• Volunteered to reorganize records and restructure workflow for Los Angeles and Tokyo branches, resulting in maximized time management and increased sales revenue.

Apr 2006 - Aug 2010


Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, US, Bachelors, Film Production

I received formal training in:
- Design Elements & Principles
- Photography
- Directing, Editing & Cinematography
- Lighting & Composition
- The History of European & Japanese Art

Sep 2003 - Jul 2007



Areas of Specialization