Jessica Simon

Jessica Simon




Ginger and Pickles Toy Store, Boulder, CO, US, Social Media Marketer

• Social media marketing: Utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Analytics, Wordpress,
Blogging, Bitly, Hoot Suite, Klout, and You Tube Channel to increase sales on the website and store
• Development of an Ecommerce website: choose product best suited for the website; uploaded
pictures and descriptions of merchandise onto the website, used Photoshop to edit product pictures,
maintained the website by blogging, linking websites, and utilizing the features of Wordpress.
• Used Merchant Applications Inc. to receive inventory, create price tickets, look up products, and
product information
• Accounting work using QuickBooks Pro 2007
• Opened and Closed: includes organizing the store, handling money, opening and closing cash
register, keeping accurate track of days accounting records, setting security, locking doors, and
opening with a big bright smile.
• Customer Relations: marketing and closing a sale, handling currency, wrapping presents, and upbeat
customer service skills to enhance every sale.
• Visual Merchandising: arranging displays around the store in a creative, fashionable way to draw
customers into the store and creatively designing the window displays to enhance product that is sold
in the store and make sure that all items were a “must have” to both children and adults
• Microsoft Office Programs (Word and Xcel) are used for orders, inventory, and flyers.
• Assembled toys for displays and repaired broken toys

Jul 2007 - current

The Orange Couch, New Orleans, LA, US, Barista

• Customer Relations: Greeted every customer with a smile; made coffee drinks using an espresso
machine, provided personalized customer care, main focus was customer satisfaction and service
excellence along with beverage and quality which is a must in a competitive food industry
• Opened and Closed the coffee shop: cleaning the coffee shop, opened and or closed the cash
register which included accurate skills, setting up tables, making coffee specialty coffee drinks, setting
up the espresso machine, cleaning the espresso machine, preparing pastries, and restocking
• The Orange Couch was a fast paced environment and multi-tasking was a necessity
• Trained new employees

Mar 2011 - Mar 2012

Redstone Meadery, Boulder, CO, US, Mead Ambassador

• Customer Relations: includes selling mead and other merchandise, ensuring an enjoyable experience
for customers, along with samples of mead customers received a full description of the product, gave
tours of the plant and explained how it is made, bottled, and labeled, bottled, and labeled
• Customer service skills and marketing skills were essential in increasing in increasing sales of mead
• Promotions: entails asking potential customers in Boulder, Colorado and at special events to try our
product, always done with a huge smile, and the best customer service
• Created and released a Facebook business page: maintenance includes keeping track of posts,
posting events, posting pictures, and managing/maintaining blog
• Opened and Closed: includes organizing the store, cleaning the tasting room, bathroom, and
dishware, counting the register, and restocking
• Labeling involves using a professional label machine to put labels on the bottles

Aug 2010 - Mar 2012

Gadzooks, Broomfield, CO, US, Assistant Manager

• Opened and Closed the store: organizing the store for the next day of business, cleaning the store,
kept the store looking presentable, handling money, counting the register, going to the bank, over saw
all employees: made sure they came to work on time, presentable, and ready for the dayʼs sales
• Customer Relations: greeting the customers, strong marketing and sales by helping to dress the
customer by offering a range of outfits that were attractive and tasteful, listened to what the customer
wanted based on their style, then found appropriate clothes that fit the personʼs lifestyle and needs
• Loss Prevention: involves responsibility for loss and prevention of merchandise, keeping a keen eye
on all customers as well as employees; contacting the authorities after I apprehended a shoplifter
• Advised associates of their daily duties and placed each associate in different positions/duties
throughout the store
• Received merchandise and placed it in its appropriate location

May 2004 - Dec 2007


University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, CO, US, Bachelors, Environmental Design

Aug 2006 - May 2010

Areas of Specialization