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Alessandro Bot

Treviso, IT




my name is Alessandro Bot

i'm an Italo-greek guy, that has just finished his studies with a master on Architecture with specialization on restoring buildings. Until now (i got my degree on March the 29th 2012) i always used to work on different faces of the process that permit to us to see something built in our day  life,  from a road to a palace.i'm something that here we used to call:"Figlio d'Arte" that means son of Art, since i was born i follow my father on the stocks. I've worked always for short period, usually during the pause from the studies on summer.

This kind of lifestyle started when i was sixteen years old and since that days i've been involved to the construction of a concrete tube, the design of a new Villa on a small island in Greece to the project management of  a 1300 a.C palace in Treviso as the assistant of the general manager of the corporation that made that restore. I'm pretty interested so not only on one part of the process but to everything from the first sign by the pencil on a white piece of paper to getting dirty with the concrete, sweating holding breaks on site,i tried everything and i find interest on everything. All i really would like to do now is to have an opportunity to work out my countries (greece and Italy) make more experience, start my own way to live my life, get in touch with different cultures learning from everything that surround me!

i'm looking forward to start!


Thank you so much for your kind attention!

Best Regards, Alessandro Bot.


Università IUAV di Venezia, Venice, IT, Masters, Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Conservazione per l'Architettura

I got my specialization on restoring buildings, that means that i had"make mine"ad i've made mine the knowledge to use the most new technologies on the oldest example of buildings that works in a much different way from what we think now is the right way to build something.
Learn the much i could from the past to face the present trying to pro-ject our story to the future.
Something that i've really liked and that gave me the instruments to be a useful piece of a process
where i'm dreaming to be involved as soon as possible!

Oct 2005 - Mar 2012

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